Around 2011 or thereabout, I had realized that I was hell-bound if my salvation was based on my efforts. Of course, before or during that time I thought we are only saved to some extent by grace and salvation is perfected by our efforts. I had tried my best to be who religion demanded of... Continue Reading →


We all love perfect stories.  The story of Mary who grew up from a very poor family but was resilient. She walked through the rough edges of life, got her fair share of heartbreaks, disappointments and rejections. But in the end, she found love, found opportunities, got famous and lived happily ever after. The story... Continue Reading →


Life is in stages and no matter how much we don't want it to be true, there is usually that moment of hard times. Hard times for me may not be the same for you but one thing is certain, we will always get to that point but many times, they are our defining moments.... Continue Reading →


When God created Adam, the man, it wasn't immediately announced that he needed a woman. The need wasn't there at first. Eve, the female Adam, was made to manifest as a result of a need not just because Adam desired a companion. Adam wasn't complaining and in fact, he did found companionship among animals as... Continue Reading →


The feeling of insecurity in a relationship is like cancer! It breeds unhealthy jealousy and slowly destroys a once fantastic relationship! People who usually feel insecure tend to suspect every move people make around their partners! They tend to suspect every call their partners did not pick and because of unhealthy jealousy that boils on... Continue Reading →


Ideas are not so hard to come by. If you've ever visited the toilet, you must have met conglomerate of ideas. The laziest person on earth gets to meet ideas in the toilet too but it all boils down to implementation. Have you seen politicians who make series of promises during election campaigns but sit... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Woman

Being virtuous is more than being good. Growing up, we were usually told: "the beauty of a woman is her good character and the beauty of a man is his wealth." We were subtly indoctrinated with a lie and the Bible was also maliciously used to cover up this lies. While it is easy to... Continue Reading →

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