#ANGLICAN2 – In capital letters!!! By George O.N “I can mention so many Pentecostal churches where 6services is very possible on Sundays. The Anglican Church is dead! If not why are there reports of near closure of some Churches in UK? Even in Nigeria where it seems to be vibrant, why is it just normally... Continue Reading →

ANGLICAN… In capital letters

#ANGLICAN – In capital letters!!! By George O.N “Sinach, Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, Joe Praize and the rest of them are worship musicians who convey God’s word through music with power! They are been used by God to affect lives! Many of them are from of the Pentecostal churches… don’t argue with me on where... Continue Reading →


Dear Girls, I was going down to Onitsha town (eastern part of Nigeria) one morning and I sat in the Keke (tricycle) along with two married men, the Keke driver who also is a married man and an aged woman. At first, there discussion was of no interest to me as I never listened. What... Continue Reading →


Do you need to Change? Perhaps what you need is to keep working, walking and improving. Growth is a continuous process. Behavioural perfection is not achieved in a go, every leader, pastor and Minister have their weaknesses. The problem of many is not that they have a particular weakness but they refuse to accept the... Continue Reading →

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