10 Ways to say “I Love You” and mean it!

"I love you" is a very special word but also very common. Beyond the words, there are ways to express your love. If you love to know, we have put down some list to help you make your love for them known. 1. Older wine seems to be the best wine. Okay, I don't mean... Continue Reading →

Sweetheart, I Can’t Do Without You

"Sweetheart, I can't live without you" I wrote this as a text message, I sang it into her ears and anytime she threatened to leave, I felt like I was going to kill myself. I said stuff like "my life is incomplete without you", "life makes no sense without you"... I said these things to... Continue Reading →


In Nigerian slangs, there is this thing we call the “Mumu Button”. It a literal sense, it is an imaginary button in a person that makes them act beyond their norms when activated and in the real sense it simply means a person’s vulnerability as a result of love. Truth is this, no matter how... Continue Reading →


God wired the man and the woman differently and like I previously taught in my article, men and women can be thinking and acting differently at same occasion and circumstances. God didn't wire us differently to bring confusion, he wired us that way so that we can truly complement each other. We have done a... Continue Reading →


The feeling of insecurity in a relationship is like cancer! It breeds unhealthy jealousy and slowly destroys a once fantastic relationship! People who usually feel insecure tend to suspect every move people make around their partners! They tend to suspect every call their partners did not pick and because of unhealthy jealousy that boils on... Continue Reading →


Years back, I came in contact with a lady. We went to the same secondary school but she was many classes behind me. We went on a no-string-attached, non-romantic date and we continued to see often. Being a self-claimed activist who usually campaigned for women standing above the status quo, I loved her strong spirit... Continue Reading →


Many of us grew up to hear "God hates divorce" over and over again, we have even developed some kind of dislike for divorced people making others who are in death traps of a marriage hesitant to walk away because they are scared of what people would say, what the Church would do and how... Continue Reading →

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