I asked previously, “where did God say it is the duty of the woman to keep the home while the man makes money?” and a fellow responded, “I found this post hilarious, preposterous, and unassuming.” He went ahead to submit Titus 2:4-5 as the place that established wives as the keeper of the home and... Continue Reading →


Should a Christian get a massage? Is it sinful for a married man or woman to get a massage from the opposite sex? Do spouses have a say on who massage their partner? We have a guide in the scriptures as regards this.


Every relationship is unprecedented, unique and dynamic with respect to those involved in it. What is working great for them may work poorly for you and what works great for you may work poorly for them. So, a popular celebrity announced that his wife left her medical career just to help him build his dreams.... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Girl Child This Season | not Everything In The Air Is Love

Someone asked a question on Facebook saying "how do we prevent teenage girls from getting pregnant tomorrow?" The question struck a chord but at the same time showed the discrepancies of parenting. I am aware that some teenage girls have no parents, I am aware some have just one parent and I am aware that... Continue Reading →

Ministry & Family

Do you know why many Christian families hit the rock? Because they thought family responsibility isn't ministry. In fact, I see a lot of believers especially Pastors say things like "don't sacrifice ministry because of your family". Yes, that is the absolute truth but we never always forget to add that our own families are... Continue Reading →

The Curse Called “Man Enough”

A broke man is an angry man. Sometimes, frustration makes people unnecessarily angry and some men are like this because of societal pressure and expectations. Everyone is expecting him to blow, his wife or partner is depending on him, his children are depending on him, his relatives are depending on him and somehow, everyone sees... Continue Reading →


Who owes the family the responsibility to provide? Who did God ordain as the provider for the family? Who is termed "worse than an infidel" for not providing for the family? Is it the man or the woman? The word "provision" is subjective and can apply in many ways. A woman provides in her capacity... Continue Reading →

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