Divorce, forgiveness & RECONCILIATION | Unmasking BIBLICAl Truths

In the past, I have written a couple of articles on divorce. The major ones that clearly explains my present convictions are: Divorced before marriageWhat does God hate about divorce?Can an abused spouse divorce and remarry? I also used to offer the much more traditional interpretation of Malachi 2:16 where the English Bible indicates that... Continue Reading →

Solving Marital Problems Before Marriage

Marriage is not a child's play. Marriage isn't like those relationships where you are still trying to woo someone into trusting you and falling for you. During those times, we pretend about a lot of things, we try our best to be loving, caring, kind and forbearing. While it doesn't take long for some people's... Continue Reading →

Marriage doesn’t cure sexual immorality. So what?

You might have come across a certain place in the letters of Paul where it seemed he suggested marriage was a cure to sexual immorality? Was he wrong or are did we misunderstood him? In this article you'll also see valid steps in building sexual integrity.

9 Ways To Deal With FIGHTS in marriage or relationship

Marriage is beautiful, relationships are a great way of seeing ourselves through the lens of another person's eyes. Many times, we only get to understand how our lifestyles and perspective affect other persons through our friends or spouse. Fights are not abnormal However, fights are completely normal in a relationship. Your parents had a different... Continue Reading →

When the rich dates the poor

I don't know if this narrative is prevalent everywhere in the world but this will be familiar to Africans, at least, Nigeria where I come from. In one of our singles meetings in Church, we were discussing about relationship when I noticed a perception many ladies have. They believe that a woman shouldn't help a... Continue Reading →

How I Engaged My Fiancée

Love is a beautiful thing and most times we become too mechanical in expressing it. When our expression of love is limited to what we learnt from TV and not really what comes from our own heart, we have failed big time. I question things, I hate certain status quos and I don't like doing... Continue Reading →

Women, the institute of sacrifice

Stephen (Dr Miki) made a Facebook post some time ago about compromise in relationships and marriage as an ingredient to making it work. It inspired these thoughts of mine about women as the ones who have gained more mastery in the art of compromise and sacrifices for the sake of relationship or marriage especially. My... Continue Reading →

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