Random thoughts | Why cherry-pick?

The Church ought to have a conducive environment. The AC, the sound systems, the minister's honorarium and so on are all very necessary and it requires "dangerous givers". The early Church had "dangerous givers", they would sell their properties and bring for the mutual benefit of everyone in the household of faith. However, this "dangerous... Continue Reading →


Around 2011 or thereabout, I had realized that I was hell-bound if my salvation was based on my efforts. Of course, before or during that time I thought we are only saved to some extent by grace and salvation is perfected by our efforts. I had tried my best to be who religion demanded of... Continue Reading →


All over the Bible, we keep seeing the writings about God's glory, we keep seeing people who bowed in awe of His glory, we keep seeing all of this things and we keep asking "what is God's glory? How can we explain it?" Truth is, God's glory can be generally defined as God's beauty but... Continue Reading →

PODCAST | Why Christmas?

It is easy to hear people argue and criticize the celebration of Christmas, linking it to the celebration of pagan gods. Why Christmas? Are we supposed to celebrate Christmas? Isn't it of pagan origin? Is Christmas really that important? The podcast answers those questions without being ambiguous. It's one of the best teachings you would... Continue Reading →


Every man is hungry for the experience of God. Every man who believes that there is God wants to experience him in a way that is more convincing, they want to feel God's tangible presence, they want to be able to serve the God they know. This is the hunger in the heart of the... Continue Reading →

SEXIFIED MARRIAGE | Sex for pleasure

Sex is beautiful; it is a holy experience between married couples, a divinely designed way to build intimacy, no intimacy is more profound than that built on the fabrics of sex. Well, false religion has a way of downplaying very important things in life. Some Christians have been made to think that the only reason... Continue Reading →


Go to the hospital, meet with open-minded doctors and ask them "have you witnessed a miracle?" You would be surprised at the answers you would be given. So many doctors including atheists have seen God's hand at work in some patients. They have seen cancer disappear, they have seen positive results turn negative and they... Continue Reading →

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