ASABA | A CRY FOR HELP Something is wrong. Regrettably, I will go the easy way which is to keep praying but do little or nothing because I have been defeated by the very thought of what the solution could be. Many years back, when my father drove me and my brother to this blooming downtown to show us a... Continue Reading →


This article was previously published on my Facebook on April 22, 2019 I know I have no audacity to address you. I know there may not be any such apostolic and prophetic mantle on me that gives me such audacity to write to you but please I write this in humility. I also plead your... Continue Reading →

A Knock in the morning…

I was in the bathroom when my neighbour came knocking. I had to hurriedly draw up my short, lock up, pull a t-shirt over and out to meet a very worried mother carrying her child. Her child was running temperature, she was vomiting and losing appetite. All this woman wanted was "please pray for my... Continue Reading →

I Survived

I was involved in an accident that would have cut short my life on earth. Well, my life wasn't cut short to God's glory but this is the way many people who left this earth. I closed at work and had to rush to Church for an assignment. It was also our midweek service. When... Continue Reading →


This story is not to stir up emotions, criticize a denomination or even get at people who "offended" me but to communicate a lesson I learnt during my moments of service in this denomination. If you are familiar with the happenings, please do not take this personal whether you are for or against it. I... Continue Reading →

It’ll make sense if you keep pushing

Sometimes, I stand to speak or give my opinion about something and people think "oh boy, that guy is educated". Yes, I am educated but I am not educated in context to what they are referring to. This is a personal story, something I would have preferred sometime ago not to share but I am... Continue Reading →

Crime at Backyard

“Will you tell me the truth or I stab you to death right here and now?” Rex whispered into her ears while locking up her neck with his right elbow and pointing the knife towards her heart. Her hands were bound behind, two other fellows who were masked up while keeping watch on both sides... Continue Reading →

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