A Short Note On My Birthday

I remember failure like yesterday. Yes, I failed. I didn’t just fail, I failed woefully. I was at the peak, I was getting there, my dreams and aspirations were shaping into my reality, I saw myself in an envious position, it was a place that consistency truly brought me but what I failed to realize... Continue Reading →


I meekly apologize to anyone I should have notified about this marriage earlier and in a way that is honourable. I found myself apologizing to a lot of people and there are hundreds of more people to apologize to which I may not be able to continue doing because I'll be wearied hence my reason... Continue Reading →


Social media is a miracle! So many businesses survive by it, so many people found their voices on social media. If you take it away, you would be rolling back the world to 1995 or even farther down. Social Media has been the way to easily reach more audience, connect with old friends, connect with... Continue Reading →

Before You Raise a Hand Against Feminism

When people offer their opinions against feminism, I do not listen from a position of defence, I rather listen to learn from their opinions as I expect they also listen to learn from my opinion. In most cases, I have noticed that our problem is usually semantics and a mix up of separate issues. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →


So, I had to write this for posterity sake. These days it seems to be a Christian is some circles is to deny that COVID-19 is real. The moment you ask certain people to follow the guidelines of preventing the spread, they look at you as an agent of globalists and the antichrist. I try... Continue Reading →

Trump Does Not Represent A Christian Leader To Me, I See Only A Politician

In 2016, towards the end of the year, I was in my room at Nnewi, clinging to one corner and staring at the TV as they count the US elections. I was a heavy supporter and admirer of Hillary Clinton, if not for anything but because she is a woman and I wanted to see... Continue Reading →

CAMA, TAX & Church Organisation

Today, on George's Diary, I want to weigh into the trending discussion on the new CAMA bill that was signed into law on 7th August in Nigeria. It has been very controversial and I think one of the things that gave rise to the controversy is because it was signed into law by a president... Continue Reading →

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