We have to make right choice of friends for a brighter future and not necessarily by facial appearance.

SINCERITY: dosage for a fresh start

Stop pretending to like someone's company, when you surely don't like it. Be sincere no matter how hurt the feeling becomes, it will be worse after the pretence.

Will you be my friend?

In the quest to satisfy our selfish desires, we end up never meeting or never recognising that special person that God called out own!


Now, be practical about your HOLINESS! Don't strife to be Holy, just live holy! Live it as your life! So that the world will see you and glorify God for your sake!

FRIENDSHIP: Another Dimension (II)

Friendship does not end... But romantic affairs may cease to exist!

FRIENDSHIP: another dimension

I don't believe love is all about receiving, it is giving without hoping for returns.

Watch out for George’s Diary

GEORGE'S DIARY official is undergoing test!!! Get ready for the revolution! George's Diary (official) brings you all the messages, inspirational teachings and activities of George O.N right into your android mobile device (Netbook,Tablets and phones). It promises a daily devotional update and the undiluted word of God! It is not denominationally based and it is... Continue Reading →

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