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Do you recollect that day you purchased cake or cookies for a kid especially in a pious environment and they left you with an affectionate vocal note "God will bless your business so that you can buy me more snacks"? Or the day you did something for someone and they signed off with an appreciation... Continue Reading →

IS EXCHANGE OF MARITAL VOWS IMPORTANT? I have always maintained that marriage begins the day both parents handed their children over to themselves with their consent which is often accompanied by the ceremony we call "Traditional Wedding". However, traditional commemorations don't allow us to exchange vows in what is reckoned to be a covenant. This may not be a big... Continue Reading →

WHEN GOD’S ASSISTANCE MEETS YOUR EFFORTS I believe that my little efforts can serve as a channel through which God's blessings can find expression.Tweet We live in a world of diverse belief systems. We all grew up with one indoctrination or another. While we keep growing and bagging experiences, we find reasons to question some of these things that we... Continue Reading →

ASABA | A CRY FOR HELP Something is wrong. Regrettably, I will go the easy way which is to keep praying but do little or nothing because I have been defeated by the very thought of what the solution could be. Many years back, when my father drove me and my brother to this blooming downtown to show us a... Continue Reading →


I meekly apologize to anyone I should have notified about this marriage earlier and in a way that is honourable. I found myself apologizing to a lot of people and there are hundreds of more people to apologize to which I may not be able to continue doing because I'll be wearied hence my reason... Continue Reading →

Open Letter To Pastor Megaleío

Dear Pastor Megaleio, I am lettering you openly believing that you will perceive the message. I couldn't write to you confidentially because the last time we discussed something we didn't seem to agree on it went a toxic route. I had to clear all our chats to ensure I don't go back to them and... Continue Reading →

FOREVER-SALVATION ASSURED It is logical enough to think that a believer can at some point lose their salvation. After all, we've all gotten to a point where we lost what we cherished most. We've lost people, money, properties, jobs and so on. Seldom, we even lose them as a consequence of our negligence. So, it is... Continue Reading →

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