It has been a painful thing to me when I see that many Pentecostals don’t see Anglicans the way we (at least some of us) sees them. That is why Pentecostals will stand up to talk nonsense about Anglican, some present Anglican as a hub of refurbished Judaism, some see us as ignorant people and they climb their pulpits to say such to their members who like multi-level marketers carry on such message of hate against the Anglican Church into the streets.

Like I always say, Christianity is beyond what a single denomination can offer! I am a Christian, I work with every believer and I believe in the universal Church. So, the motive of this post shouldn't be misunderstood! The heritage and traditions of the Anglican church can only be enjoyed in a church that has... Continue Reading →


Most Christians are faced with problem of identity! Many Christians die because of sickness, poverty, failures and many other negative situations! Not because that is God's will for them, but because they never knew who they are!


Young people are the leaders of tomorrow! For us to have a great tomorrow, we must have a great young people today! If we fail to carry the youths along, we will fail to carry the future! If we neglect the young people, we have neglect the future! We must do away with the "Young at heart" mentality and really look at "Young in the real sense". If we are concerned about growing the church, we must be concerned about giving the young people a place because they are growth of the Church. Old men don't grow, old fades away! If you want the Church to grow allow them to take over! Old people are just their for guidance and not for absolute " take over ". When elderly people begin to propound theories and rules for the youths, it does not work. Old people often see youths as stupid people but it is not so! Young people have ideas that can transform the nations, they have ideas that can transform the church! The old men ought to allow the youths make decisions! There are already many things the youths are passing through, old people shouldn't add more problem to that!

Watch out for George’s Diary

GEORGE'S DIARY official is undergoing test!!! Get ready for the revolution! George's Diary (official) brings you all the messages, inspirational teachings and activities of George O.N right into your android mobile device (Netbook,Tablets and phones). It promises a daily devotional update and the undiluted word of God! It is not denominationally based and it is... Continue Reading →


Come to think of it... No propaganda or revolution can pull down any established organisation. It can cause a change but it cannot bring a stop to the vision. The revolution may be good or bad but it can never succeed in bringing any established organisation to a stop! I have heard people say "without... Continue Reading →

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