Forget not the Lord thy God in the days of thy youth.


#ANGLICAN2 – In capital letters!!! By George O.N “I can mention so many Pentecostal churches where 6services is very possible on Sundays. The Anglican Church is dead! If not why are there reports of near closure of some Churches in UK? Even in Nigeria where it seems to be vibrant, why is it just normally... Continue Reading →

CRUSADERS YOUTH CONFERENCE 2015 (powered by YAC on the Niger)

Have you ever heard of Crusaders Conference? It is a non denominational camping event organised by Young Anglican Crusaders. Crusaders Conference is a youth Conference designed to bring out the best in you! It is a camping event that features so many programs. God's word comes with power and worship brings much more intimacy. Registration... Continue Reading →


First, before we begin to consider our different approaches towards biblical truths, I want to quickly explain that this writing is not meant to counter already established doctrines, dogmas and long traditions of the Church. But nevertheless, it is coming from an unbiased and sentimental-free perspective and it will thoroughly be based on the bible... Continue Reading →

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