​ASKGEORGE®: What is wrong with my spiritual life?

Dear George, : I am a Christian. The day I gave my life to Christ, I felt the joy of salvation. After six months, the joy was no longer there, I find it difficult to read my Bible again, I can no longer pray for 2 hours. Sometimes I get mad at myself and my... Continue Reading →

He Want Anal Sex | What Do I Do?

Question: Good day George. I am Anita, I am married for 3 years now but I am becoming pretty unhappy with my marriage because my husband has always forced me into doing something I think is very wrong. He says he doesn’t prefer normal sexual intercourse anymore but anal sex! First, I am uncomfortable with... Continue Reading →


There is something am really struggling with. I don't understand which is "blasphemy against the holy spirit" I don't know what it means and what it is and I don't remember all of my sins in the past so I don't know if I've ever committed this sin or not which is really worrying me and confusing me because I got baptized last Sunday and the bible says god forgives everyone of their sins which I know that but it says blasphemy against the holy spirit is an unforgivable sin and don't know what it means by that. – Mitch Thomson (Location Unknown)


Hope I am not disturbing you? Please, help me with this issue. A guy is ready for me to an extent that if love is 100% I am rating him 80%. He has all I pray for in a man but there is a problem. I am not tall; we are both average in height. I’ve been seeing you talk about marriage but now I need your help. Thanks and God bless you. - Miss Nnenna, Nigeria


#AskGeorge "Good morning sir! Sir someone ask me this question, the guy is my friend. Now the question is, can the power of God course someone not to be intelligent? The only thing he told me he can do is school and his calling in life. But their is a problem, this guy is in school now but decided to drop because of his inability to pass. He is in fifth year(part-time student) he went to a man of God they told him that the power of God is much on him that why he is not doing well in school. Sir how possible is that?" - Emeka, Nigeria

#AskGeorge: He is a father, should I marry him?

Everybody makes mistakes. Our fear shouldn't be peoples past mistakes, it should be based on if the person really learnt from that mistakes.

Good morning Sir, I over heard a preacher saying that the word of God is bitter. The saying got me confused to ask a question if the word is bitter how can I understand it to make it easier for me. - Collins, Nigeria Answer: I don't know the context in which the preacher used... Continue Reading →

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