Dreams & Interpretation | Dealing With Bad Dreams

We all dream, we all see certain things in the dream and sometimes dreams come true, many times it doesn't. The big question has always remained "is dreams the way God speaks to us?" Should bad dreams worry us? Let's see what the Bible says "Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream,... Continue Reading →

BEYOND ME | The Story

The pictures came alive, replaying in my head and hauling me into the scene. That juncture that Jesus, in all his power, awesomeness and glory allowed himself to be put to shame, allowed himself to be beaten, mocked and treated like a common criminal. I pictured myself in that scene, I saw myself standing at... Continue Reading →


A certain affluent man had two sons and the younger one came asking for his fraction of the inheritance from his father. Normally, a man's testament becomes effective when he dies but this young boy wasn't waiting for that time, he wanted to have what was presumed to be his share. The startling thing is... Continue Reading →

Occupy till I come – Setting the stage for the bigger stuff

"And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come." - Luke 19:13 KJV For so several people, "Occupy till I come" has become an overly spiritual mantra. For them, it has come to mean "wage war till I come." It is not a military occupation... Continue Reading →


Saying that women are afterthoughts is direct disrespect to God! Quote me anywhere! I will debunk that opinion in just a few lines.  God's idea about women isn't hidden in the Bible, it is not even difficult to see. To say women are not God's original idea is to say God is not perfect. But... Continue Reading →


Often times I get very emotional when I reminisce about God's love. I'd rather describe it as reckless, I would call it a reckless hunter who hunts without reserve. He isn't hunting to kill, He is hunting to save. How would I have felt if it were my own creations running from me, how would... Continue Reading →

WALKING AND LIVING BY AND IN THE SPIRIT | Understanding Romans 8:1-11

To walk in the Spirit doesn't mean to do good works, it means yielding ourselves to the leading of the Spirit which of course will result in doing good works. For example, my body wants to go to swimming pool but I have a leading to go and preach the gospel to certain people, I... Continue Reading →

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