A Short Note On My Birthday

I remember failure like yesterday. Yes, I failed. I didn’t just fail, I failed woefully. I was at the peak, I was getting there, my dreams and aspirations were shaping into my reality, I saw myself in an envious position, it was a place that consistency truly brought me but what I failed to realize... Continue Reading →


Life makes more meaning, not when lived in isolation because we are not wired to be alone. God knew this about man, he wanted to prove this to man and made Adam enjoy solitude for a while which birthed the statement "it is not good for a man to be alone." We are made up... Continue Reading →


So, it is my birthday. I never wanted to make any big deal out of it, I momentarily forgot about it. All I wanted to do whenever it came to my mind was lay on the bed all-day playing a new game, not doing anything serious or maybe just sleeping. Taking a break is the... Continue Reading →


Yea, I was born February 25th some years ago and I have been growing just like everyone else, sojourning on this realm of experiences, having my own share of the stuff and improving daily just like everyone else. I strongly believe our experiences help us improve whether negative or positive! I also believe our mistakes... Continue Reading →


In 2015, I was summoned by a certain known evangelist who I respect so much after one of the meetings I presided over while serving in a vibrant youth ministry. For me it was a privilege to have been summoned by this great personality because I had so much admiration for him from childhood and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Birthday Month

On 25th of February, at Crunchies Plus, Limca (old) road, Anambra State, Nigeria by 11am prompt, we will be gathering to share ideas, connect with amazing people, build our network of professionals and of course have fun! : If you love me, I pray you to mark your diary! Your presence alone will be the... Continue Reading →

LEARN FROM MY MOTHER: Be your Child’s mentor!!!

When I began to grow up into an adolescent, stealing and lying at home became my hubby…Lol! I almost walked off the track but she didn’t spare the rod because...

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