WOMAN, It’s your right to EXERCISE DOMINION.

Where did we got the idea that women are limited to just very few career choices or the things that they can do? Where did we get the idea that "it's a man's world?" The Bible didn't present such notions. The Bible is vivid with God's arrangements! "So God created humans in his own image.... Continue Reading →


Every relationship is unprecedented, unique and dynamic with respect to those involved in it. What is working great for them may work poorly for you and what works great for you may work poorly for them. So, a popular celebrity announced that his wife left her medical career just to help him build his dreams.... Continue Reading →


https://open.spotify.com/episode/4DrM38KwAJWfniyTdo4xr0?si=nhUt7Rf0S4KWE5M3RR1LcQ&dl_branch=1 I believe that my little efforts can serve as a channel through which God's blessings can find expression.Tweet We live in a world of diverse belief systems. We all grew up with one indoctrination or another. While we keep growing and bagging experiences, we find reasons to question some of these things that we... Continue Reading →

Try One More Time

It's easier to give up but giving up sometimes is costly because it robs you of the progress you have made. Sometimes, as we journey to our place of destiny, our progress isn't always obvious but we are making progress. When you give up, you are rolling back to the starting point. I have always... Continue Reading →


From 2017, I was becoming fed up with Church. Not Church as in what it is, but Church as in what we made it to be. If you know anyone around me then, ask them. Every time we met, I would always grumble on how the Church is missing the whole point of prayer. It... Continue Reading →

Knowing is not enough

When I was very much younger, I attended a school that has its motto as "knowledge is power", we sang it every morning at the school assembly and we grew up with it. One thing we couldn't clearly define at that moment was "knowledge". We were made to understand that for us to pass our... Continue Reading →

How To Build Lasting Success

If you desire lasting success whether in your marriage, academics, business and other areas of life, you aren't desiring something that is out of the norm. Everyone loves a good life and everyone loves to have something that would last but the big issue is that it isn't everyone who truly want to go through... Continue Reading →

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