Someday, you’ll be memory

A few years back, I was sitting with my fellow young people in Church as a youth leader and I said to them "Don't get scared of people leaving you, this is life. Don't be afraid of change, it is bound to happen. People will come, people will go. One day, all of us may... Continue Reading →


The word of God is light, the Psalmist wrote that the word is the light unto his path. However, this word is resident in us and in fact we are walking letters from God to the world. How do we shine this light? Is it just in preaching the gospel alone? Well, preaching the gospel... Continue Reading →


At a very younger age, it was highly illegal to call me ‘George’; in fact it was one of the highest forms of annoyance! I wanted a change of name because to me it was a meaningless name or maybe I was meant to see it as meaningless. : My hatred for ‘George’ started when... Continue Reading →


Do you need to Change? Perhaps what you need is to keep working, walking and improving. Growth is a continuous process. Behavioural perfection is not achieved in a go, every leader, pastor and Minister have their weaknesses. The problem of many is not that they have a particular weakness but they refuse to accept the... Continue Reading →

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