ARMS TWISTING | Anything for giving in Church?

"Baby Christians of today are different from baby Christians of yesterday" You may not like this. Nonetheless, read with an open heart and also discern that we can't always hold the same viewpoint in everything. I also can't always say what will please you every time. If Church needs money for AC, let's be plain... Continue Reading →

5 Marks of a Pastor

A Pastor is a shepherd, all characteristics of the Good Shepherd ought to be found in a Pastor. The word “pastor” is the same as a shepherd. I got to know this early enough when we studied Pastoral farming in elementary school. This is why throughout the Bible, we see Jesus referring to us as... Continue Reading →

MEMORY LOSS? | The Messed Pulpit

You had a doctrinal issue with an assembly you belonged to or a Pastor you submitted to, it became so bad that you had no choice than to leave. You joined a new assembly or started leading one. You found a new Pastor and submitted… Or maybe, you didn't even find because you didn't want... Continue Reading →


Some men are consistent with the word. They stay on the word even when the going gets tough. These are men like Paul who said "Please open your hearts to us. We have not done wrong to anyone, nor led anyone astray, nor taken advantage of anyone." 2 Corinthians 7:2 NLT Paul could boast this... Continue Reading →

What if Jesus comes now? Will you make it or perish eternally?

Have someone ever asked you the question "what if Jesus comes now?" For some people, it sends chills down their spine, for some, it's a moment of sober reflection, a time to rethink about their lives and begin to make amends where they deem it fit and for others, it's a time of rejoicing! There... Continue Reading →

The coalition of Spirits – Church on fire

Something is remarkable about the early Church. Many times, we question certain structures in today's Churches. The problem isn't always about the structures in place, the problem we usually do not realise that we have is that these structures lack the vibes we saw in the early Church. Not your everyday vibes, not the kind... Continue Reading →


"If we close your social media account, will you still be relevant?" "Facebook preaching is not real ministry. Anybody can come online and start writing nonsense or streaming jargons! You don't need anyone teaching you on Facebook, it is not real ministry. You don't need to listen to any podcast or sign up on an... Continue Reading →

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