SLAVERY: Africa Needs To Apologise To Africa

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has triggered scintillating conversations and the prevalent dudgeons some Africans have about and towards the British Monarch and the white race. But is this vexation justified, or are we all trying not to be accountable for the actions of our great grandfathers? Why does it seem that there is... Continue Reading →

The Igbos From Benin

Igbos are naturally prone to migrations.  Pre-colonial times, several Igbos migrated to Benin (known as Idu in Igbo communities). There isn't much-written documentation on this as the people of that era mostly used oral documentation. The Igbos migrated in very large numbers to Benin and even played special roles in the Benin empire. Chima, a... Continue Reading →

Dear Africans, We Must Stop Living The Life Of Our Ancestors

"We're Africans, that's not how we do it. That's not what our fathers handed down to us…" This is what you always hear when you want to do things differently for obvious reasons. For example, when you insist that men and women are equal and champion the cause of feminism, the first thing people tell... Continue Reading →


A lot of times, people argue that Nigerians foolishly abandoned their cultural heritage and their languages to adopt English, Christianity and Islam but I think there is no need for that assertion especially with the fact that we look at it from a negative perspective. As much as many of us aren't satisfied with the... Continue Reading →


Many times, we justify certain ideas with the line "it is our culture" and we allow maltreatments, abuses and so many negativities to thrive just because this was how people lived in the past. Racism and gender discriminations can be said to be culture because these are ideas, customs and social behaviours that have thrived... Continue Reading →

FORCED MARRIAGE | What about it?

: In Africa and some part of Asia, there is a high rate of forced marriages or even forced relationships. Some parents assert their authority as parents to impose on their children especially the daughters who to marry. One of the reason girls are pushed this way is because they are not believed to have... Continue Reading →

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