Will those who believed in Jesus at old age and died shortly after receive rewards in heaven?

Salvation is not a reward We are saved by grace alone in Christ Jesus and not by our efforts. The day we believed in Christ Jesus, we got saved once and for all and we will never be condemned ever again because we have been brought out of darkness into God's marvellous light! There will... Continue Reading →

Dust Off & Keep Walking

A lot of times, we find it difficult to recover from our mistakes and move on. We spend weeks, months or even years mourning over the wrong decisions we have made. Yes, the truth is that we made wrong decisions but the bigger truth is that we have better opportunities to do the right thing... Continue Reading →

Crime at Backyard

“Will you tell me the truth or I stab you to death right here and now?” Rex whispered into her ears while locking up her neck with his right elbow and pointing the knife towards her heart. Her hands were bound behind, two other fellows who were masked up while keeping watch on both sides... Continue Reading →

How To Build Lasting Success

If you desire lasting success whether in your marriage, academics, business and other areas of life, you aren't desiring something that is out of the norm. Everyone loves a good life and everyone loves to have something that would last but the big issue is that it isn't everyone who truly want to go through... Continue Reading →

Ill-Gotten, Ill-Spent

You see, good and lasting things don't just happen by accident, they are not results of luck but results of preparedness. I know a young man who made a million naira from football betting in one day but ended up begging for transport money in few months. Same would have been the case of another... Continue Reading →

Biafra & Feminism | Random Thoughts

This is not really about Biafra but feminism. Follow me patiently. Do you know why some of us seem to have estranged ourselves from the Biafran struggle? It is not because we do not love, pray and desire and see the need for self-determination, it is not because we hate anyone… It is because we... Continue Reading →

Some “Grace Preachers” Are Dogs

Some years back, a lot of "Christocentric" folks were speaking against tithing, sowing of seeds, lack of desire to know the word for oneself and so on. Guess what? Their congregations grew larger and they went mute on those subjects, started introducing those things back using semantics to play on people's head. First, they robbed... Continue Reading →

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