Dreams & Interpretation | Dealing With Bad Dreams

We all dream, we all see certain things in the dream and sometimes dreams come true, many times it doesn't. The big question has always remained "is dreams the way God speaks to us?" Should bad dreams worry us? Let's see what the Bible says "Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream,... Continue Reading →


: I grew up in a Christian home, my mother got my father born again before they got married and my mother has been a praying woman. My mum isn't a loud and energetic prayer warrior anyways, you wouldn't hear her voice when she prays alone and my mum doesn't stand to pray, she prefers... Continue Reading →

AUGUST: VISION… Work on it now!

I have been a victim of such mess… I only just recently recovered from it! People would walk up to you and tell you their visions! It sounds amazing, mind blowing and really inspiring but at the end of the day you don’t see them fulfilling that vision. Laziness, procrastination and fears are other factors that hinder people from actualizing their vision… Good day dreamers are talented people who could have taken over the world if they brought into reality their visions. Let me discuss briefly these factors I mentioned…

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