God may ask you to do something knowing that you will be afraid to do it. He may not be expecting you to quickly lose that fear, he expects you to be courageous. Sometimes, courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, it means going ahead to do something despite your fears, it may also mean... Continue Reading →

He made a public show of the devil

You see, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the state of darkness and its leader. We need to remind ourselves of how Jesus defeated the enemy. It's not being devil conscious, it's a reminder that we are not only saved, but the battle was also won! Perhaps, the more we remind ourselves of this... Continue Reading →


"God didn't create us merely to worship him, he created us to be his friends"Tweet I was having a conversation with my wife about God, why he made us and why he brought us salvation. We discussed a lot of things including "did Jesus had to die?" I remember telling her that those who killed... Continue Reading →

In the days of trouble

We need to understand something about days of trouble. During these times, worry seems to become some people's resort, but worry doesn't in any way take away today's troubles, it rather takes away our peace. Peace is not a result of lack of troubles, it can be born out of the consciousness of God's presence... Continue Reading →

The coalition of Spirits – Church on fire

Something is remarkable about the early Church. Many times, we question certain structures in today's Churches. The problem isn't always about the structures in place, the problem we usually do not realise that we have is that these structures lack the vibes we saw in the early Church. Not your everyday vibes, not the kind... Continue Reading →

Led By The Spirit – Sonship

Every part of God's word is very profound but there are places that stand out for me! One of such places is Romans 8:14 "For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God" There is a way you might read the above and you miss the point. It... Continue Reading →

FAITH | The Local Assembly & Personal Fellowship

Faith is not a prayer point, it is not something we plead for but something we grow in. The beautiful thing is that all that is required for a believer to grow in faith is already inside of the believer. When a new baby is born into the world, he or she comes into the... Continue Reading →

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