Part of our duty as ministers of the New Covenant is to rebuke and show those who teach false doctrine that they are wrong. This way, we are preventing them from deceiving people further. The motive of false teachers is one thing… To take advantage of the ignorance of believers to satisfy their belly. Apostle... Continue Reading →

Dealing With False Prophets

Are you looking for where to find false teachers and ministers? They are closer to you than you would ever know. Just scroll up the social media, you would bump into one, get to the bookstore, you would lay hands on books that sound very Christian but full of deception. Look up so-called Christian channels... Continue Reading →


These days, people are ready to travel miles just to get to certain prophets and pastors who perform signs and miracles, those superb and dazzling orators! However, it has turned out to be "the more you look, the less you see affair". : God's prophets are not known by miracle performances. They are known for... Continue Reading →

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