Growing up, writing and my mother

Throughout my Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, I wasn't that super-intelligent boy who passes exams but one thing was certain, I was among the best in all my classes when it comes to comprehension, public reading and stuff. Do you know why? My mother who wasn't even a secondary school graduate trained us by herself... Continue Reading →

Ministry & Family

Do you know why many Christian families hit the rock? Because they thought family responsibility isn't ministry. In fact, I see a lot of believers especially Pastors say things like "don't sacrifice ministry because of your family". Yes, that is the absolute truth but we never always forget to add that our own families are... Continue Reading →


On many occasions, I have been very vocal against the idea of seeing Wives as cooks and many people like to think that I am just trying to be controversial or raise dust out of nowhere. Far from it... I practice what I preach, every woman around me understands this about me. You can't pay... Continue Reading →


Who owes the family the responsibility to provide? Who did God ordain as the provider for the family? Who is termed "worse than an infidel" for not providing for the family? Is it the man or the woman? The word "provision" is subjective and can apply in many ways. A woman provides in her capacity... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Woman

Being virtuous is more than being good. Growing up, we were usually told: "the beauty of a woman is her good character and the beauty of a man is his wealth." We were subtly indoctrinated with a lie and the Bible was also maliciously used to cover up this lies. While it is easy to... Continue Reading →


There is probably something I have grown up to know and do that weren't the values my parents inculcated in me. So, what is the relevance of parents training their children when these children would still be influenced by various other factors to a very great degree? Various things would influence your children like environment,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the age where men are fighting for relevance, where they have to suppress their wives and children to get what they suppose is respect. Sometimes, fighting for something simply indicates that we either do not have it, that we aren't worth it or that we have lost it! If a man still has... Continue Reading →

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