DON’T AMPLIFY FEAR – Trust God And Act On It

Many times, God gives us a go-ahead order to do something but we get so scared to take a step simply because we don't trust Him enough. Some people trust that God can heal their headache but can't heal their toothache, some trust that God can give them daily bread but cannot give them more... Continue Reading →


Are you faced with a problem that seems so hard to be solved? Do not let it get at you! Well, if you know God's plans for you which has been met, you'll only dance and make merry than let worries of this life get at you! What problems do you have? Is it greater... Continue Reading →

WET DREAMS: The truth about it

There are other books on dream interpretations where so many kind of emphasis were laid on "wet dreams" and demonic attachments to it.


Do you really think that nothing good can come out of you? Do you feel that nothing good can happen in your country? Do you feel your neighbour can never achieve something great? Let's see if it is true!

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