: I am officially tired! Yes, tired of some folks... I am in Nigeria, that's where I see the mess... Don't know if it happens in your country too! I'd like to vent it out. Let my thoughts be known! : Small girl with a big God! What a big inspiration it is! Yet, we... Continue Reading →


​WHY I STAND WITH GIRLS After Facebook announced that 11th of October was a day set aside to remember our girls, lots of people decided to tweak their profile pictures, some made great posts about girls and of course, lots of awareness was created all for the girls. I think its a lovely thing to... Continue Reading →

voice for the female

Male Children are not superior to female children! Parents should stop making their female children think they are worth nothing! It is heresy, anti-christian, anti-moral, anti-human and anti-social to make female children think they are very inferior! In most families, the elder sister must respect the junior brother who in turn neglects the sister who... Continue Reading →

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