GIVING TO PASTORS | Deal or No Deal?

Considerable individuals feel that they have been scammed when they drop an offering or hand over an envelope of money to their Pastors. Well, I wouldn't pretend like the flashy lifestyles of some pastors didn't cause the ill-feeling some people have towards giving to Pastors. But, it is dishonest to judge all Pastors because of... Continue Reading →

ARMS TWISTING | Anything for giving in Church?

"Baby Christians of today are different from baby Christians of yesterday" You may not like this. Nonetheless, read with an open heart and also discern that we can't always hold the same viewpoint in everything. I also can't always say what will please you every time. If Church needs money for AC, let's be plain... Continue Reading →

TITHING? | The New Testament Giving

The problem sometimes is that we mix up the entire Bible and misconstrue the words written in it. The Bible should be read in context and explained in context. One day, my brother asked me "do Christians pay tithe?" And I replied, "you mean giving your ten per cent10%?" And he replied "yes!" I paused,... Continue Reading →


: In the book of Acts 9:36-42 we read about a certain woman named Dorcas who has taken upon herself to cater for so many widows in providing clothing for them. When she died, the Bible records that her kindness kept speaking for her, the widows kept showing Apostle Peter the evidence of her kindness.... Continue Reading →


: Sometime ago when I was much younger, a Pastor visited our local Church and held three days program. I was very zealous, wanting to be in Church not for the sake of being religious but because I was very hungry and in search of knowledge. I would always go with my writing materials and... Continue Reading →


The issue of tithing isn't about giving more or giving less, it is about giving right. Just like prayers, we don't say any kind of thing in the name of prayers. It's not about praying more or less, it's about praying right. One of the reasons I don't normally use the term "tithe" is because... Continue Reading →


YOUR MAN OF GOD IS WORTHY OF YOUR MATERIAL THINGS : God made Abraham a blessing in the sense that anyone who blesses Abraham is blessed and anyone who curse Abraham is cursed.  : I need you to understand this.  Abraham was a man who walked in faith, God counted his faith as righteousness. Now,... Continue Reading →

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