The Gospel, The Wholesome Deliverance

We must get this very clear. God's intention with the gospel is to reveal to you that you need help, set your heart right to receive his help and save you as much as you are willing to get saved. You must know this as a believer who intends to introduce others to Christ and... Continue Reading →

DARKEXIT | Mystery of the sons of God!

I was inspired to write on this by Favourwealth Onumba, I read her Facebook status which says "When God sees us today, He sees Jesus. That's reassuring. " And it seemed like I got a push to write on it, it came like a floodlight and I couldn't resist it or do anything else but... Continue Reading →


Listen to this podcast The word of God is the life of God, when the word is declared in the name of Jesus, He fills it with His presence. It was this same word of God that formed the world and everything in it. The Bible says God always watches His word to fulfill it.... Continue Reading →


: One of my protégés who got herself rededicated to the life God has designed for her told me during a chat "I stopped believing in God, I started seeing Jesus as a myth after I have followed certain people on the social media. They said there isn't any God and that Churches are business... Continue Reading →


: We still have our flesh in tact. While we continue to get our flesh under subjection, we may realize at some point that we had done the biddings of the flesh. For instance, you might wake up on Sunday morning and never feel like going to Church, yes, most times we don't feel like... Continue Reading →


: "Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind" - Psalm 67:2 (TLB) : The fulfillment of the prayer to send us around the world to preach the good news became possible by Jesus! Outside Jesus, no one ever preached the gospel (good news).... Continue Reading →


: Today, God opened my eyes to see certain things clearer and I would plead that you take some time to read this regardless of what you have always known. This is not different from what you have known but more clearer interpretation. : That God showed you an end result of a mission you... Continue Reading →

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