SLAVERY: Africa Needs To Apologise To Africa

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has triggered scintillating conversations and the prevalent dudgeons some Africans have about and towards the British Monarch and the white race. But is this vexation justified, or are we all trying not to be accountable for the actions of our great grandfathers? Why does it seem that there is... Continue Reading →


Is Christianity really a white man's religion? Was it cooked up? If yes, why didn't Jesus come from the ancient Celtic world or maybe the world of Anglo Saxons? Why didn't he come from Rome or other parts of Europe? Why didn't the white men make themselves look great by presenting a Jesus that was... Continue Reading →

JESUS: Another Scam?

: Did Jesus left us with any evidence that He truly came to this earth, died on the cross, resurrected and ascended? Or were we just left with a story that cannot be proven? The evidence of the existence of Aristotle and so many other Greek philosophers are so profound! If this is true about... Continue Reading →


Young people are the leaders of tomorrow! For us to have a great tomorrow, we must have a great young people today! If we fail to carry the youths along, we will fail to carry the future! If we neglect the young people, we have neglect the future! We must do away with the "Young at heart" mentality and really look at "Young in the real sense". If we are concerned about growing the church, we must be concerned about giving the young people a place because they are growth of the Church. Old men don't grow, old fades away! If you want the Church to grow allow them to take over! Old people are just their for guidance and not for absolute " take over ".

When elderly people begin to propound theories and rules for the youths, it does not work. Old people often see youths as stupid people but it is not so! Young people have ideas that can transform the nations, they have ideas that can transform the church! The old men ought to allow the youths make decisions! There are already many things the youths are passing through, old people shouldn't add more problem to that!

THE HOLY NATION: Understanding God’s Concept

What do I mean by today's devotional? Every Christian in Australia is God's Chosen people there, they are the HOLY Australians and all the blessings of the nation is meant to be functional in their lives! But if they continue to complain on his bad the continent is, they will continue to live like every other person! That is why Christians are duty-bound to pray for ask people and those in authority


Surprisingly, Genesis 5 did not mention Abel and Cain as descents of Adam. It only mentioned Seth! We must also note that verse 4 of Genesis 5 does not mean that "Adam had other Children after 800 years or after Seth" we must understand the wordings their.


Noah’s Ark is among the trending stories told by both believers and unbelievers! The cartoon industries and comic books have also done great jobs using its story line! People who have not ever had their bibles opened or stepped feet in the church can have something to say about Noah and his ark! Many including... Continue Reading →

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