Can the Holy Spirit depart from a believer?

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believer is something that every believer and adherents of Christianity accept as truth but not everyone agrees on certain things when we begin to go in-depth. In fact, a lot of preachers teach that the Holy Spirit departs from us when we sin and there are always... Continue Reading →


"Lord, I want to burn for you!""Lord, give me Los Angeles or I die!""Lord, give me America or I die!""Lord, give me the world or I die!" This and many more have been our heart cry! We sing it in songs, we write it on books, we update it on our status,  we talk about... Continue Reading →


The Holy Spirit is a person; he is the very Spirit of Jesus. Separate the humanity of Jesus and what you have is the Holy Spirit. In other words, the Holy Spirit is Jesus, the Spirit. When Jesus promised that he will be with us forever, the Holy Spirit was how he intended doing that.... Continue Reading →


"the Spirit of truth...But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." - John 14:17Tweet We all believe that the Holy Spirit is a person but sometimes it seem we don't know who He is. Our poor understanding of Him usually stops at "He is a person" but who exactly?... Continue Reading →

THE BURNING BUSH | When men are on fire!

There is something about the burning bush experience that Moses had. When a bush or any material is burning, the fire is sustained by whatever is burning but come to think of it, the bush was on fire but the bush was not the sustaining power for that fire! The fire was just burning and... Continue Reading →

Podcast | How to manifest the anointing

What differentiates two believers in their manifestations of the anointing is knowledge and their level of growth in faith but they both have access to same anointing! Sometimes the issues of life seem to put our faith down, sometimes we stand in the valleys of shadows of death and we trip off because we do... Continue Reading →

PAYING THE PRICE | How much is enough?

What exactly did Jesus pay for? When we say Jesus paid it all, what exactly are we talking about? Yea, I know Jesus didn't pay for our burger and cheese! I know He didn't pay for our house rent and other material stuffs! When you are in debt and you tell your debtor "Jesus paid... Continue Reading →

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