This article is in response to the ongoing conversations around mob killing of a Christian girl in Northern Nigeria but Muslim extremists who unfortunately, make up the bulk of the population of Northern Nigeria. Just like every other tool including the Bible, the Quran assumes the state of the heart and motives of anyone studying... Continue Reading →

GOD EXPOSED | Bible & Quran

Even before we came to this earth and identified with our earthly parents, we already had a father. Many people never realized this on time, we were told about God, we were told about His sovereignty, we were told that God created the entire world and is the Lord of all. Whether you found it... Continue Reading →


: Phew! It's been some days off my blog. I got so busy... Okay, I've got this recent concerns for Arab Christians and am going to be sharing them with you! : For so many people, to say "Arab" is the same as saying "Muslim" but is that true? Or we not just educated on... Continue Reading →


ABRAHAM'S MISTAKE IS NOT THE SPONSOR OF MY WORSHIP : I am not sorry. You're not a believer in Christ Jesus if you think being tolerant means believing that there are other truth! I have a working knowledge of what the Quran says, I have a working knowledge of what Buddhism advocates, I know about... Continue Reading →

EPISTLE: MY ANSWER TO MUSLIMS… my exhortation to Christians.

Talk to any learned Muslim about Jesus and they tell you to know more about Jesus! They can quote all of the "Injils" (Four Gospels) to you. I have discovered, you cannot change what you don't understand or know. You cannot effectively reach out to Muslims when you are ignorant of what they believe and... Continue Reading →


​ Okay, some minutes ago, I bumped into a show where Muslims were discussing about Jesus Christ and the Christmas. They agreed Jesus is a great prophet of God, they agreed He is the Messiah and they even passionately said they love Jesus so much. But then, they tried implying that the Christian Jesus is... Continue Reading →

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Herdsmen and The Hard Truth

Dearly beloved brethren, Following the recent killing of some southerners by the Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu State, Nigeria, many Christians have been filled with anger, many people have voiced out in support of reprisal attacks and many people have threatened to take law into their hands if this should happen again. It has already happened... Continue Reading →

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