Another way to look at failure

Failure, sometimes are a stepping stone but failure can also be an indication of incompetence on our part. Some of the opportunities we failed at were opportunities that someone else turned to diamond! You may be surprised where some people would have gotten to if they had the same opportunity you had. Failure could just... Continue Reading →

WHEN GOD’S ASSISTANCE MEETS YOUR EFFORTS I believe that my little efforts can serve as a channel through which God's blessings can find expression.Tweet We live in a world of diverse belief systems. We all grew up with one indoctrination or another. While we keep growing and bagging experiences, we find reasons to question some of these things that we... Continue Reading →

ASABA | A CRY FOR HELP Something is wrong. Regrettably, I will go the easy way which is to keep praying but do little or nothing because I have been defeated by the very thought of what the solution could be. Many years back, when my father drove me and my brother to this blooming downtown to show us a... Continue Reading →

KISS AND TELL | Is it worth it? Our present generation thinks that "liberation" means carelessness. So, you see people who "kiss and tell" in the name of liberation. This is a generation that has become so shameless, a costly approach to life that is shaking the very fabrics of our existence. Decorum is frowned upon and carefulness has become a synonym... Continue Reading →


I took a break from social media before he passed away. I wanted to stay away from all the drama in this, I experienced stillness doing so. The first 30 minutes here was exhausting, all the bad news, clumsiness, rows and negative vibes that I was running away from came gawking at my face. This... Continue Reading →

A Knock in the morning…

I was in the bathroom when my neighbour came knocking. I had to hurriedly draw up my short, lock up, pull a t-shirt over and out to meet a very worried mother carrying her child. Her child was running temperature, she was vomiting and losing appetite. All this woman wanted was "please pray for my... Continue Reading →

Try One More Time

It's easier to give up but giving up sometimes is costly because it robs you of the progress you have made. Sometimes, as we journey to our place of destiny, our progress isn't always obvious but we are making progress. When you give up, you are rolling back to the starting point. I have always... Continue Reading →

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