Oftentimes, we argue what we call "truth", we have our truths and what we hold to be true eventually becomes a lie or half-truth for another person. For example, to some people, an example of truth is that the man and the woman are equals and to another person, it is a lie, while to... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of Wisdom & Insights

"Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment." Proverbs 9:10 NLT Often, we read the above scripture in a rush and we eventually miss the message contained therein. I will keep this article as simple as the above scripture sounds. Wisdom starts the very day... Continue Reading →

The Scalable Marriage As a website developer and designer, one of the things we put in mind when designing websites is scalability. A website should be scalable to be able to accommodate new updates, new features and so on. While there are rooms for static websites, for some brands, we also put dynamics in mind. As the... Continue Reading →

Women Are Saviours

Weeks or months ago, there was a social media trend all over Africa particularly between the East and West Africa. Although it was largely jokes, it is as a result of a subtle agitation against women who often see men as money bags and see those who don't give them money as stingy. The trend... Continue Reading →

Solving Marital Problems Before Marriage

Marriage is not a child's play. Marriage isn't like those relationships where you are still trying to woo someone into trusting you and falling for you. During those times, we pretend about a lot of things, we try our best to be loving, caring, kind and forbearing. While it doesn't take long for some people's... Continue Reading →

When the rich dates the poor

I don't know if this narrative is prevalent everywhere in the world but this will be familiar to Africans, at least, Nigeria where I come from. In one of our singles meetings in Church, we were discussing about relationship when I noticed a perception many ladies have. They believe that a woman shouldn't help a... Continue Reading →

How I Engaged My Fiancée

Love is a beautiful thing and most times we become too mechanical in expressing it. When our expression of love is limited to what we learnt from TV and not really what comes from our own heart, we have failed big time. I question things, I hate certain status quos and I don't like doing... Continue Reading →

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