Just shut up!
How dare you use such words?
Wait a minute!
Who do you think you are? Jehovah Jireh?

I have come across many exceptional egocentric persons who think that they are actually the ones giving you a privilege by accepting or requesting to be in a relationship with you and eventually want to marry you. When you eventually give in to them hoping to see someone who has a refined personality, you discover that behind the suit lies a man or woman who needs so much help. Their problem is not that they need help, we all need help, but their problem is that they don’t agree that they need help, they see their weaknesses as no issue and see you as someone they are just helping. Excuse me; it’s not everyone that is moved by that ‘public figure’ or ‘celebrity’ status!

Let me buttress my point.
A relationship is not about a person, a relationship is constructed on purpose and that purpose cannot be achieved when one person feels more relevant than the other. Both parties in a relationship are privileged to meet each other and establish a relationship. People who make you feel like they are just helping you by marrying you are just very terrible people. Behind their suit, celebrity status and all those entourage that follows them, they are struggling with pressing issues and may need someone who tolerates their undisciplined habits. They may need someone who can help work on them.

However, because of their ego, they wouldn’t want to acknowledge that they have a problem. This was the very problem Jesus had with the Pharisees and other elites of Judaism. They knew they had issues but they never wanted to open up, if they had opened up. Doctors don’t come for healthy people, they go for people who have a problem and admit it. Your ego will always reject help.

This is why certain ladies undergo several waves of abuse in the hands of their partner and they still stick to him, not because this is what they want but because they feel that they have gone too far to back off, they think their life is now tied to the hands of the man. Some of us go around creating an impression that we are very perfect people in the flesh, and we don’t want to admit that meeting someone who wants to manage our flaws is a privilege and we go ahead to make very stupid remarks like “you will regret not marrying me”. When I hear people say that, I want to walk up to them from the back, tap them gently and ask them “and who do you think you are?”

Little wonders proud people always fail!
It takes humility to appreciate someone who has chosen to be with us. It doesn’t matter how good, romantic and understanding we think we are, we are not the one doing someone a favour by marrying or being in a relationship with them, we need them as much as they need us. They can help us become even better and we can help them in our way too.

Adam never knew he needed a helpmeet, Adam never complained to God because he never had an early orientation of being in the company of someone before and he never wanted it because he never knew about it. But, when God brought the woman to him, he didn’t go about saying “you can’t do without me…”, he rather admitted that “this is the woman I need!”.

I just hate that arrogance!
When we go about treating people as though they are nothing without us, we have proven that we cannot be trusted. It means we are not looking for a relationship, we are just colonial masters and no one wants to be under a colonial master. This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate ourselves… Oh, come on! I do that a lot! I tell myself that my wife and kids will be blessed to have me and I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself “George you are good, God made you good” but I don’t come to someone and put it up to her saying “if you do not yield to me… You are gone!” if we act that way, we are not different from those men who rape women for saying “no” to them. It shows we are just being obsessed with our selves that we cannot appreciate another person. If you can’t appreciate someone, there is no point being in a relationship with them, you don’t need it!

You’re damn good!
I don’t mean that we should stop seeing our importance or we stop appreciating ourselves. If we can’t appreciate ourselves and see ourselves as people who are worthy of someone’s love, we may start living in self-pity. When we lose confidence in ourselves, we may not able to give our best. What I am kicking against is when we start magnifying our personality over another person and start seeing ourselves as the only important person in a relationship, it makes us bossy, selfish and very annoying. Our partner’s decisions may not even matter to us anymore because we feel our words are the final say. That is what you get when you are in a relationship where one person thinks you are only privileged to meet him or her. No, we are privileged to meet ourselves.

What many people cover up with such useless ego are their terrible past and present. Some of them have a very terrible lifestyle that you may not know about, they suffer from lots of addiction and they are truly feeling very inferior about themselves just that they try to protect their weaknesses and magnify themselves over you in a bid to measure up and have you respect them. They feel once they open up to you they lose their ‘superior image’. Anyone who acts this way is very difficult to change because they know they have a problem but they are just never going to admit, they will employ all manner of tactics to cover it until you are entirely trapped into their lives. And they are toxic people!

If you fall into this category of persons, you may need to help yourself by admitting that you need help. Many public figures have issues; they hide the devils in them inside their designers wears. Don’t be caught in the web of illusions, it will not always last long and when it ends, it damages all the integrity you have falsely built. Being honest about yourself brings you more respect than you can ever imagine.

Being sincere with who you are do not scare people away, it makes them love you the more and even trust you. If someone can be free enough to share her ugly past or weaknesses to me, then I will always trust that she will be very open and sincere as we work something out. We are there to help, build, cherish and respect ourselves after all.

Defeat that ego!
It’s time to give up on your ego; you may not like yourself when things turn against you and it will turn against you if you keep living that way. No wonder the bible says that pride goes before a fall! Pride will make you keep building on the mountains of lies, lies don’t last forever.

The relationship isn’t just an affair, it is a responsibility. If you are in a relationship, then it is time to be very responsible, it is time to work on yourself and your partner. Let me tell you what a sweet relationship looks like: when you can look into your partner’s eyes and say “I understand… We will fight together and win together” and your partner can do the same to you, it is a sweet relationship.

Kill that pride…
In relationships, we’re babies that grow every day.
Darling, you need me and I need you much more!
God bless you!



Again and again, I habitually sit back to ponder on certain things, I try to look from varying perspectives to gain better insight and know better. I was reflecting on that word “love” again and a Bible verse stroke a chord in my heart. It made the distinction! I’d like the words of Jesus to re-echo in our hearts; He said

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:34-35

When we love, people will know that we are His disciples. You must understand that being a disciple means being a learner and this connotes that when we love, people will know that we are learning of Christ. This means that love is the only way to truly be Christ-like in a practical sense. Love is the only way to show Jesus.

When we discuss love, we aren’t talking about what a boy feels for a girl, we aren’t talking about the gifts a boy buys for a girl because of how he feels. We also aren’t talking about the feeling a girl has for a boy as a compensation for all the gifts she has been receiving. Love exceeds all of those. The Bible says that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. This is what love means! Love covers a multitude of offence, love doesn’t fade away because we couldn’t get what we want! Love is that ability to be wronged, offended and even despised but still choose to admire, respect and stand for the offender. It is in this interest that the Bible says “love is the greatest…” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Many times, we want to feel that it is impracticable to love and while I admit that it is not natural to the flesh to live like Christ, we can truly love like Him because the nature of Christ has been made available in our Spirit and we can superimpose Christ’s nature of love on our mind by learning of Him every day and functioning in the reality of what we learn of Him. Jesus wasn’t suggesting that we love, He wasn’t advising us to love, and He wasn’t trying to inspire us or motivate us to love! He rather charged us and gave us a command to love one and another. He didn’t just leave us with a command, He also empowered us to be able to live up to it if we so desire it. However, it isn’t negotiable; it is a way of life that we must follow.

In light of this truth, we see something astounding. Love isn’t a choice, it is not an advice or an appeal; it is a commandment from our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is how He expects us to live, His love was made complete in us (1 John 4:12) so that we can give out to others in full measure. The problem is that a lot of us are too carnal that we are afraid to exercise our Spiritual qualities. The only way to express a better understanding of God is not to preach but to love! Love should be the reason why we teach, preach and reach out to people. We can’t prove we know God if we do not walk in genuine love. The Bible says in 1 John 4:8

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

The knowledge of God in us propels us to bear good fruits. What serves as fruit in us is our character and our attitudes towards others. The fruit of the Spirit isn’t something we wait for the Holy Spirit to gift to us. As believers, we have a regenerated spirit, our spirit is perfect (1 Peter 1:23) and our spirit is bearing good fruits. The Bible says in Galatians 5:22-23

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.”

Love is one of the fruits of the Spirit, all other fruits are also made possible by love. The fruit of the Spirit isn’t the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the context of that reference, it is the fruit of our born again Spirit. The bible says that we should walk in the Spirit, it didn’t say we should pray for the ability because as believers we already possess the ability to walk in the Spirit.

If we wouldn’t be able to walk in the Spirit, we wouldn’t have been instructed to do so. To walk in the Spirit means to live out in our flesh the fruits of our Spirit. Jesus said that we are known by our fruits (Matthew 7:16) and He said people will know that we are His disciples if we love. Note this please, He didn’t say people will know we are His disciples if we preach for it is by evidence that people are convinced about our identity. Let’s see that verse briefly,

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:34-35

The reason Jesus commanded us to love each other just the same way He has loved us is that this is the only way to prove our identity to the world. Technically, when we don’t love just like Jesus, we are living out a mistaken identity. Jesus didn’t just ask us to love, He asked us to love just as we have been loved by Him. We don’t just love, we love like Jesus. It is not a suggestion but a commandment.

Commandment despises reasons; it entertains no respect for any kind of excuse. When you are in the army, you are obliged to obey the last order! The last order might be to open fire, it might be to slap your brother as a sign of discipline and because you are accountable to the senior officer, you must obey the last order. In the same fashion, Jesus, who is our Lord, saviour and owner have given us an instruction, a command and the greatest of it all at that. He said, “love one and another!” We don’t have a choice but to love, we don’t need any reason to love and we don’t have to feel like it, to love.

Love in this context is simply “love!” We don’t need to start defining any Greek theory! I said earlier that the kind of love Christ necessitates from us is that which respects, admire and care for others even when they are our enemies. It may seem ridiculous and cowardice but this is the kind of love God demands from us. It doesn’t mean that we see gangsters and lay our heads for them. It rather means that even when we have to seek for legal protections from wicked people, we are still concerned about them and groaning for them in prayers. We must never let our flesh proceed to rule our mind perpetually. We can learn to forgive people and let go of the hurt. Love can’t function without a forgiving heart.

Unfortunately, we talk about love so much but end up doing little. Our love for others is manifested first of all in our desire and passion to see them saved but it also continues being expressed in caring for others, in protecting the vulnerable, in assisting the needy and in seeing people just like Jesus would see them. The same way a woman in labour has no other choice than to push, we are compelled to love! Some women keep pushing out the baby and even die in the process but notwithstanding of what happens to them, they had to push, they’ve got no reason not to! Even if pushing would be impossible, they must still undergo surgical operation; this is because they have no option than to deliver that baby! It doesn’t matter the pain, you’ve still got to love.

The weakness of love is stronger than all the powers of hate in this world put together. The power of love is intoxicating to the point that when you show any man, genuine love, God Himself is triggered! I like to think that how to move God is to love, how to call for God’s attention is to love. I may not sound theologically accurate to some people here but it is true; our love for others triggers God’s attention. When you love others and show it, God is likely to say “wow! Someone just loved on me now.” Jesus made this very clear in Matthew 25:40, we saw that how to love God is to love the men God made in His image.

God has made Himself the primary beneficiary of our love to others. Love is a labour, it is not a pleasure. God wants us to labour this way, He regards us as faithful servants when we love others. Jesus didn’t say we should love people who love us, He didn’t say we should appreciate good deeds with love, He didn’t say we should love people we are attracted to. He rather commanded us to love even the least person. The smallest and insignificant person doesn’t suggest the least person in Church, God’s kingdom extends to the earth because the sphere of God’s authority is without defect. Who is the most unimportant person in your life? Who is that enemy that you have sworn to have nothing to do with? Who is that person that has so wronged you that you never want to set your eyes on them again? That is where love should begin!

As much as your child did nothing to obtain your love, this is how others should be loved. There shouldn’t be any such thing as hate at first sight. Whether they look mean, angry and unattractive, always find a means to show love. If your child destroys your certificate and valuable appliances, you may get so angry but in the end, he or she is still your child and you don’t keep being angry with them. This is also how we should treat others. The same way you believe that your child will grow out of being childish, you should also give other people that benefit of the doubt, they can grow out of their hate when they learn how to love from you! When there is a need to discipline people, love should still be the motivation! Channel your desire towards how you can make the other person better!

It is very easy to say that we can handle every offence; it is very easy to say that we can’t get bitter until we are hurt and betrayed by someone we’ve so much trusted. It is easy to say that we can love unconditionally until the person we thought we love turns against us. If love should rule above offence, then we are to labour for it. Judas betrayed Jesus but Jesus didn’t come back talking about it, the same happened with Peter. It was painful but love despises reasons. We will not always get it perfectly right but we can always try, we can always come out of hate when we remember that this isn’t where we are supposed to be. I will summarize with this story.

A man noticed a snake ensnared in something while the fire in a nearby burning bush was expanding towards the place the snake was trapped. Out of compassion the man picked the snake off its trap and started hiking down towards another part of the bush to put it to safety. The snake bit the man who out of pain threw it down immediately but quickly picked it up again and threw it to the other side of the bush. A young girl who was observing him asked: “why did you help that snake even after it bit you?” The man grinned and said “the snake will always be a snake and I will always be me. The snake won’t allow your kindness to change its nature; it is simply exhibiting its nature. In the same manner, I won’t allow the aggressiveness of the snake to change my nature that is why I still had to help even when it treated me badly.”

To love is not to see danger and fix your head in it. To love is to care for another person even when he or she is isolated for your safety. Never forget, love seeks for reconciliation, love is compassionate about getting others saved and love is revealed in care. People may hurt you while loving them but what do you do? Love again! Why? Because we are obeying the last order!

This is our last order, to love!

~ George O.N


Love isn’t just what we say, it is what we do. Unfortunately, many people say “I love you” but end up showing something different. We have always heard that one action speaks louder than a thousand words. There are other ways you could say “I love you” more profoundly.

Everyone needs that reassurance of love, everyone needs that security that is obtained when love is expressed and everyone wants to feel special and appreciated. However, not everyone seems to express love rightly, sometimes it seems we have limited ways of saying “I love you.” Whether you feel shy to say it or you want to express your love other ways, here are a few basic ideas to tell your loved “I love you.”


Love is indeed divine, divine love comes without a condition but we are also wired to express a degree of love based on what we admire, we are wired to also feel love and loved. What exactly is attractive in your loved ones? Do you find their figure, intelligence, hair, eyes or fingers fancy? Do you love how they walk or how they sing? Love lives beyond all of these but these features are worthy of appreciation! Express what you admire about your loved ones. You don’t have to wait till you could put it in perfect words, just express it the way you feel it. I just don’t always have to be those features that got you attracted to them at first, it could also be something new you discovered about them that is worthy of admiration and appreciation. You could say:

“I know you are much more than this but I admire and appreciate the way you put things together.”


We only give our time to what matters most to us! Even our pets feel loved when we give them our time even when they don’t know what the word “love” means. There is a love language that is general to everything in nature! When we were of little age, we would plant beans in containers and every day we devote time to it and these plants usually blossom in beauty because they feel loved! But when we neglect them, they begin to wear off! When you devote time to someone, you don’t need to say a word for them to know you love them. Your time is very vocal and when you give it to someone, you are saying:

“Of all the things around me, I find you more important.”


When you keep expressing characters that indicate love but ends up making it about yourself, then you are being selfish. Love is truly expressed selflessly because the true expression of love includes preferring the need of the other above yours! For example, you never have to be satisfied before you can do something for someone, you don’t have to feed to the full before you can feed another person and you don’t have to get all the clothes you want before you can extend some to another person. When you love selflessly, you are saying

“Although I have needs, your well-being is a priority.”


Healthy relationships don’t exist without a strong foundation of a shared respect for one and another. Respect is not gender-based, it is not a gender responsibility neither is it meant for just one party! To respect someone means to believe, understand and admire someone even if they have different opinions from yours. Having respect isn’t enough, showing it is important! This means that even when there seem to be rooms for disagreements you still respect their opinions, their choices and their personality. When you respect others, you are saying:

“I admire, understand and believe in you! We may disagree on some issues but I can cope with your differing views.”


I usually paid my ex visits (when we were still dating) on weekends to help her do laundries, clean the house and assist her sometimes with the cooking. This was my way of offering help, not because it was very easy for me but because those were areas I could give my love-offerings! It doesn’t have to be convenient before we could do it. Sometimes, while helping her with the laundry, my clothes are waiting for me in my apartment to be washed. To help people isn’t just to do something; it is to do more than your share. It may be financial, intellectual, physical and many other modes of assistance and none is tied to any specific person. By offering to help, you are saying

“I want you to be happy; I want to ease the burden off you!”


Affection is mentally appealing, it also brings emotional healing! You can express affection by touching, hugging and other forms of physical touch. Sometimes, people are tensed or bothered and while we may not have a solution to their problem, they would just need a hug, a touch, holding of hands or a kiss to feel better. There were many times in my life when affection was just what I needed, I needed just a hug or perhaps a touch with a soothing word that says “it is going to be fine!” Science has proven that there are mental and physical benefits to the showing of affection. For some of us who could still count how many hugs and touch we have gotten as adults, we treasure affection more than anything else because it seems hard to come to us. By showing affection, you are saying

“I know I may not be able to right all the wrongs that happen to you but I can let you feel my warmth, listen to my heartbeat and lean on my shoulders.”


Gifts are very special but they don’t need any special time or special occasions to be given. The gift of a man makes a way for him, which is what the Bible tells us. You can also understand it to mean that the gift of someone say words that the person can’t say. Gifts are great on birthdays and anniversaries but they are also great on normal days! One of the greatest and fastest ways of communicating love is in giving gifts. Trying surprising your loved one today with an unexpected gift, you don’t have to break a bank but be creative! By giving gifts, you are saying

“I appreciate our friendship”


Sometimes, praising people publicly shows them how special they are, it also indicates that you are very proud of them. You could praise them when others are talking against them, you could defend their interest too. More so, you can also talk about how special they are on your social media handlers. This doesn’t mean bringing privacies into the public; love isn’t a private affair after all. When you are bold enough to appreciate someone publicly, you are saying

“I am proud of you and proud to tell the world that I love you.”


It is time to stop pretending to be who you are not, it is time to stop being rigid, it is time to bare your heart and let someone see you and love the real you! Many times we let our past experiences control us; we close up ourselves so much because we are afraid of getting hurt again. Love makes us vulnerable and until you open up yourself, you will be limited to the level of love you express by yourself. Lose your defences; stop hiding your weaknesses, let go of your pride and come out of your reserve! Until we trust someone with our vulnerability, we are afraid to love and be loved. When you open up, you are saying

“I know I have been hurt in the past but I want to trust you with my heart.”


Although not all that say “I love you” really mean it, you can mean it and say it. Do you see these three words? They may be mere archaic words but they are still very refreshing to the soul. It still happens to be the best way to vocalize your love! If you don’t mean it, never say it because it unlocks emotions! When you say “I love you”, you are also saying

“You see all these displays of attention, admiration and affection towards you? It is because I truly love you. Now, I want to be sure that you know it.”

There could be more ways to say “I love you!”

Which part speaks more to you? And which other ways do you think we could say “I love you”? Let’s get your comments!


It would seem absurd to say that breakup is beautiful and at its most critical state; a gift when you still loved him or her but watched them go away or when you just couldn’t help it but walk away. Although the instant feeling we get from it is awful, when we think of it in another way, we would be glad to discern that many times, a breakup isn’t a terrible thing, it isn’t even disgusting! It would be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to us. 

It is okay to cry over breakups, it is okay to mourn what you seem to have lost, the good days you have always banked on and the people you have scared away from your life just because you believed that space is already taken. But can I ask you a quick question? What exactly do you want? What meaning are you reading into their departure? It doesn’t matter the reason why they left, it doesn’t matter if they made you call it off but your thanksgiving should be on the fact that you are done with someone who truly wants to live without you. When people suddenly realize that you don’t fit into their future and decide to walk away from you, it is not bad to cry but never desire them again and never even pray to have them back. Walking away from you is probably the most beautiful favour they have done to you.

Would you have fancied that he or she stayed more years and still eventually break up with you when they had gotten deeper into you? Would you have preferred they left you right after the altar vows? Would you have preferred they left you with a baby or two? I know someone whose reply would be “yes!” but that is because she is still lost in the euphoria of the past, she still feels there are people she can’t live without. In a matter of days, weeks, months or perhaps, years, she will realize we can really do without people who don’t truly want us.

We truly don’t have so much time on earth, why spend it mourning something that isn’t meant to be with us? Why spend it with someone who has a lot of options aside us? Why spend it with someone who believes there isn’t any future for us? They aren’t bad people anyway for wanting to live without us but we deserve better, they don’t deserve those tears and mourning. What they deserve is your acceptance of their departure! Since you were just an option in their lives, you truly need someone who doesn’t see you as an option, someone who has seen something in you that they can’t let go. It is not about something who can’t do without you, it is about someone who has decided not to live without you. When someone wants to walk away from your life, they don’t deserve your tears. What they deserve is that you show them the way out through the exit door.

Why want to stick to a relationship that is on its last leg just because you are afraid of walking alone for some time? There has to be a serious connection, there has to be a strong definition of purpose and there has to be a sense of security. When he or she always makes you question your place in that relationship, they don’t deserve you. See that break up as a blessing, see it as empowerment to move ahead with your life and build a more meaningful relationship that is relevant to your future and your dreams! No matter how bad you had felt, you need to change the way you look at break-up, it is usually a huge blessing!

Sometimes, that breakup is salvation from abusive and toxic relationships that you wouldn’t let go! It would be emotional abuse or physical abuse. This relationship may never have been what you desired, you may have been the one apologizing for all issues, you may have been the one trying to keep the relationship going simply because of how far both of you have gone! You may have been enduring months or years of never being understood, never been cared for or respected but you can’t let go because you believe that somehow it would work out. You believe you may manage all along and he or she has helped you by breaking it off!

There are other times it may be that your partner depends on you for all of his or her emotional fulfilment! You are blamed for every time they don’t feel good, you are blamed for every time they felt sick, you are blamed for not picking calls, visiting and being there all the time! Now that he or she is walking away, why not stand out for them to pass? Don’t you know this a deliverance? You need your own space, you need your own life too. You aren’t Jesus and you don’t need to lose your own life and dreams just to please someone who is all out for himself and not for you!

Anyone who wants to leave you today can still leave you at any point, don’t try stopping them. They can leave early and they can leave late! The longer their departure takes, the severe the hurt becomes. The more you try to hold them from leaving, the more you breed a bigger problem for yourself because you will keep getting much more emotionally attached to them. So, when they leave, they have liberated you from problems and regardless of the reason why they left, see it as good news for yourself, see it as deliverance!

Breakup isn’t as bad as you think, it is not bad at all! It is beautiful and very relieving! You may be willing to stay in an unhealthy relationship just because you have low self-esteem and you think you aren’t good enough for a beautiful and better relationship but breakup delivers you from that mentality! It gives you another opportunity to learn and even avoid certain mistakes you had made. Breakup is another opportunity to get things right, it doesn’t mean that things will automatically become right just after breakups but now you have an opportunity to correct things you couldn’t correct earlier and you also have an opportunity to look at yourself and make adjustments! Breakup is an opportunity to build again right from the foundation.

It is true that a big vacuum has been created, it is true that the once closed door of your heart has been left open once again but it is also true that you have a better opportunity to give that space to the right person. This is the beauty of breakup.

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Reckless Love

Often times I get very emotional when I reminisce about God’s love. I’d rather describe it as reckless, I would call it a reckless hunter who hunts without reserve. He isn’t hunting to kill, He is hunting to save. How would I have felt if it were my own creations running from me, how would I have reacted when I realize that the freedom of choice I gave them seemed to have been used against me? Well, I don’t think what gets me worried gets God worried and somehow I have realized He judges with fire in His eyes and this fire isn’t about destruction, it is a fire of love. I would be right to say that God is madly in love with what His own hands and words have made! He made all things, that’s right but He made man especially for the sake of His love. Of all things He made, it is only the man could enjoy the breath of God and only the man was given the privilege to enjoy God’s authority over all the earth.

It is unfortunate that man took God’s kindness for granted, rebelled against God and carelessly transferred some degree of power on earth to God’s enemy but God’s overwhelming, never-ending and reckless love couldn’t give up on the man.

Eden, oh! Beautiful Eden!

A place of God’s presence, a place where heaven touches the earth but guess what? I am sure you know. Sin drove the man out of God’s presence, the man was chasing after what was not needed, after a knowledge that doesn’t exist, a knowledge the devil proposed. What man didn’t meditate on was that he is made in God’s image. Outside God’s presence, man became hostile to his helpmeet, the man had to suffer for every single thing he ever wanted and it seemed like the end. Spiritually, the man was disconnected from his life source, the man was dead! God warned man but man couldn’t heed to that warning. It was justifiable to destroy man, death was a justifiable sentence…

But He didn’t give up on us. As much as we never deserved His attention again, He came running after us. His hunting mode became activated, we never cared, we kept running but He kept chasing after us. For thousands of years, He hasn’t stopped. Like the reckless hunter that He is, He chases us right through the thick forest, up towards the mountain, down towards the valley, right into the sea and in the underworld!

What exactly is it that we have He is looking for? Who are we that He is so mindful of us? Does it mean we have a kind of praise or worship songs the Angel couldn’t sing? Does it mean we could do it better than Lucifer? Does it mean we revere God more than the Angels and the twenty-four elders do? Not at all! But He just loves us like that, He loves our frailty like that and wants to be our strength! More than a man chases after his lover, God chases after us! To Him, every single soul counts, every single soul matters and He said: “I so much love them, even in their weakness!”

How do we measure such a love where the lover gave Himself up? How much do we measure such a love where the lover paid our entire debts of sin? Carrying our own burden to the cross even as we cursed and spat on Him, yet He uttered no word! What exactly was pushing Him? It was love, reckless love! He is running after everyone with His hands wide open to accept anyone who is willing for His embrace.

Nothing has the capacity of changing His reckless love! What can stop Him from loving man this way? Is it death, life, angels, principalities, powers or things that are yet to come? If nothing made Him love us this way, nothing can convince Him out of loving us! He lights up every darkness, climbs the pick of every mountain, tearing down every wall, kicking down every warrior and slaying every beast in His pursuit for us! He keeps coming after every man, a love that doesn’t give up! He has chased us for thousands of years and lo! and behold, He is right behind you, coming after you! What a reckless love of God!

Yes, Eden! You remember Eden? Though man left Eden, Eden came back to the man in a greater way! In the form of a human, God came to us and He was called “God with us” but He went beyond being with us and made us a place of dwelling! His Spirit is resting and abiding with us! Now, the beautiful Eden (God’s presence) is with us! Only reckless love can do this…

Aren’t you ready for this? How long will you keep running? Can’t you turn around and embrace this awesome lover? He who left His throne and came down as a man in pursuit of you, is this not enough? Whether you feel like it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you say yes or no, He is right behind you, coming after you!

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Courtship and Friendship

Dating and courtship are two different things but cannot do without the other. In every courtship, dating is part of its activities. On the contrary, not every dating is based on courtship. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia

“Dating is a part of the human mating process whereby two people meet socially for companionship, beyond the level of friendship, or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It can be a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by the couple. While the term has several meanings, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple.’’

So dating is part of courtship for those who have marriage in view and part of friendship for those who are just friends. Dating is that moment when someone engages in a planned activity with his or her partner on a fixed date especially as regards to their relationship.

Many questions have always arisen as to if a Christian should date. I am aware of so many religious effects on our inclinations to be in relationships but that notwithstanding it seems so many are becoming flexible and therefore questioning the long stands of religion on moral issues. I will be answering the question here without writing a very long article or overly religious article. I want us to understand the background of this culture called courtship and dating.

Many may want to start linking the origin of dating and courtship to a particular event or series of mindsets developed in later times but I strongly believe that courtship started with the first man while dating is only part of courtship activities. I am not suggesting that Adam and Eve dated but the instincts and tendency to engage in dating and courtship was there. Dating is a “moment of meeting” while “friendship and courtship is a moment of discovery!” The Bible said in Genesis 2:22-23

“The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.

You see, God did the match-making; He brought them together which means He arranged a date for them! He made the woman for the man and brought her to the man. Meanwhile, the man had met with animals before and there was no suitable companion found and then there was a woman! When Adam had met the woman, he exclaimed out of the discovery he made

“This is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”.

The marriage didn’t happen immediately God brought Eve to Adam, it happened when Adam accepted that Eve is the suitable partner.

Now, I want to clearly say that courtship is very different from being in a sexual relationship. In whichever way, dating is possible! Many people date but not many people date because of the right reason! While some move from sightseeing to the bed, other few moves from sightseeing to the altar while many others move from sightseeing to solving problems together! Truth is that both went for sightseeing but both ended up doing different things. I want to establish here that dating doesn’t guarantee that one is ready for marriage. Believers can date and engage in courtship or friendship as the case may be but believers are expected to court for the right reasons which are no other than marriage.

Marriage is the only way to be sexually engaged to a partner, it is the only way God ordained and has no other alternative. To see why it is so, check out my series on marriage. Therefore the only kind of Christian courtship that exists is one solely and sincerely based on marriage-in-view. If that is the case, it means courtship is not for everyone, it is not for people who are still not ready to consider getting married! For such people, platonic friendships may be the option.

In courtship, it is not the man that is considered to make options but the woman too! Just like Adam couldn’t find a companion for himself from the animals, a lady may too discover that she is not compatible with a particular man through courtship and a man too can make his own discoveries. These discoveries have to be discussed among the two with a sincere approach! Just like a man cannot marry any kind of woman, it is safe to say that a woman cannot marry any kind of man. All these issues of incompatibility can be discovered and resolved through sincere courtship. It is true that divorce is ravaging most of the marriages in this century but once one is married, the issue of making the discovery of incompatibility is closed! That is why courtship is very important for those considering marriage and platonic friendship for those who are not ready for marriage.

Having said the above; Christians don’t experiment sex in that level of relationship. Like earlier noted, marriage is the only relationship where sex is permitted! In fact, what makes marriage different from every other relationship is the intimacy gotten only from sexual practices.

I will end by reminding the younger ones who are not ready for marriage that courtship is not possible for them until they are ready for marriage. Friendship would be the best option! After all, dating is still possible in friendships. In many cases, friendship is much more important than courtship, sometimes friendships override courtship and graduates straight into marriage. I will explain in brief what I mean by friendship in this context.

Christian friendship is not like that of the world which in many cases becomes only about sex! Worldly friendships tend to be always selfish! Younger Christians should engage in friendships with not just one person but several other persons. Because it is dangerous for one to create an unhealthy bond and emotional attachment with one person which will affect how their relationship with other people will look like. This is because when it is all about one person, we will be easily misdirected by our inclination which in all sincerity is carnal.

I will summarize with this; when someone is in a romantic relationship with another person, they are prone to pretend without knowing it that they are all good and caring but when one is in a platonic friendship with someone; their weaknesses are made known to each other. When they come to the age of reasoning marriage, one would be surprised to discover that his or her friend is the right choice.

Even if weaknesses are evident, one would be able to prepare himself to condone such weaknesses. But romantic relationships often tend to present one as the right person even when in truth the person is not! Due to the sexual emotional driven false care and attention gotten from many romantic relationships, many weaknesses are hidden by default and when they enter into marriage vows, the eyes are open and they begin to see so many things they were not prepared for before entering into marriage! On that case, the chances of divorce become high and nearly inevitable.

Friendships are safer and more sincere than courtship, after all, everyone knows courtships are leading to marriage and at that point, the same risk of lust-driven good characters are likely to surface. I am not saying there is nothing like godly-romance but the general term “romantic relationship” means a relationship built solely on romance. Godly romance has nothing to do with lust.

Platonic friendship is ideal! Courtship only becomes important when one is planning to marry someone he or she hasn’t spent time with before. But generally, platonic friendships build future marriages to last longer. I do not mean to say that there were never romantic-relationships that ended well; however, they are not usually the case! Have you ever witness couples who married after ten or some years of belonging to the same Christian fellowships or after some years of being friends without considering to be married later but later saw themselves being in love? Such marriages are much more promising than those who met their partners in a club, party or elsewhere and dived into courtship!

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There are certain relationships that aren’t meant to be, not because God looked down from heaven and declared it “null and void” or because there is just one person God created for you and pronounced “this must be your spouse” but because the both of you don’t possess qualities that match each other. When we say some relationships aren’t meant to be, we mean that both of you are incompatible or lack complementing qualities. While you may be a perfect match for someone, you may be the worst match for another person. There is an adage that says “one man’s food is another man’s poison.” What is very healthy for you may be very allergic to someone else.  There are also people who came into your life to serve a temporal purpose and when their season and reason is fulfilled, the relationship will start shaking until it is broken. You don’t need any rocket science to know if you are meant to be together forever! One of the first signs that show you may not be meant to be together is when the idea becomes very loud to you!

When you realize a relationship isn’t working anymore, moving on as fast as possible is the best because the more you try to force it, the more you will get hurt when the breakup eventually happens. Whether or not you are meant to be together with someone, you can still be emotionally attached to that person and this is why it is somewhat difficult to let go even if one is in an abusive or toxic relationship. We will be looking at some few indications that you aren’t meant to be together and you need to really be honest to yourself.

“There are also people who came into your life to serve a temporal purpose and when their season and reason is fulfilled, the relationship will start shaking until it is broken.”


When a once peaceful and loving relationship suddenly becomes a wrestling ground over things that aren’t really important, then there is a problem. Every couple would encounter a moment of disagreements and even exchange of words but when it becomes a regular occurrence where every effort of your partner becomes an offence and un-admirable, it is obvious that the both of you have developed bad blood towards each other. Sometimes this feeling isn’t mutual, it may be one person developing bad blood for another person and getting easily offended by unimportant things. The reason they fight everything is that they are looking for a way to leave and not blame themselves for leaving. Another case is that both of you do not see from the same perspective and no one is willing to see through the lens of the other person’s eyes.


Before you met him or her, you had a dream and therefore it is not expected that the both of you must share the same dream but at some point, there ought to be dream compatibility if the both of you are meant to be together. It is nearly impossible for a relationship to work out perfectly fine when your dreams are opposing each other and no one is willing to compromise. The essence of relationship is usually marriage and the essence of marriage is oneness. When two becomes one, it means they become one in purpose! So a pre-marital relationship is a phase when dreams of two persons begin to align and form a synergy! When this isn’t happening, then that relationship may not work out. The exception lies in the ability of one person to give up something very important but if no one is willing to make this sacrifice, it may not work out. To set the record straight, dream compatibility doesn’t mean having the same dreams, it means having a dream that can complement the other person’s dreams or allowing your dreams to blend and align together.


Someone who loves you and is very compatible with you can make a mistake and betray your trust but they work towards rebuilding that trust immediately. However, when a partner makes it a habit of betraying your trust, it is an indication that he or she has no respect for you or regard you as someone worthy of exclusivity. Trust is a huge factor in keeping a relationship and when trust isn’t there, then it is not working! When your partner keeps betraying your trust and isn’t making efforts of building it, watch very well, that relationship isn’t meant to be. You need to be honest with yourself and see if this is truly working or if you are just trying to be positive. Remember, you can always walk away from dead relationships! When some things get dead, we can’t resurrect them… We just walk away from it. After all, Jesus said we should let the dead take care of itself.


People do say that there is no relationship without a slap! That is true to some extent, there must be a time of disagreements and sometimes conflicts because we are dealing with someone else who grew from a different background and had a different philosophy of life. When these disagreements occur, healthy partners work through resolving it together. In fact, when couples resolve issues together, they tend to become stronger in their relationships. When a partner or both partners suddenly realize they no longer take delight in resolving their differences or caring for themselves through a fight, then that relationship is on a high speed down the hill without any control. Every good thing is worth fighting for and anytime the passion to fight for something is gone, then the time is up, the end has come!


There is always that time when you are too convinced about something that you don’t even need any extra opinion but when anyone who respects you will always want to carry you along even if they had made up their mind on something. When your partner suddenly starts putting you off and stops asking for your opinion or vice versa, then that relationship is winding up! In every healthy relationship, there should be a space for contribution, healthy arguments, serious conversation and a point of compromise on decisions. Especially as it concerns both of you, if one person suddenly stops needing advice and opinions, look again, something is wrong. Since every relationship involves two persons who see from a different perspective, each person must respect the other person’s perspective by paying to attention and listening to another.

These are just a few striking indications that there isn’t compatibility in a relationship. A relationship is a partnership and not a boss-servant affair. How would you feel if you are about to host a wedding and your partner dominates every decision making and you have no say whatsoever! How would you feel in marriage when you give birth to a child and your partner dominates every decision about the baby? How would you feel when you are married and your partner finds joy in betraying your trust and treating you without respect? Many relationships will not last into marriage because of incompatibility but some relationships can graduate to marriage if one person continues to pressure it but it will be a marriage of two persons whose heart don’t belong to each other and it would have a more devastating effect!

Is this what you want for yourself?

The ball is in your court! Play well.

~ George O.N