It's one month since I got married. I've got some things to share but I will leave it till the time is right and matured. Marriage is beautiful. You may say it is too early to come to that summation. I don't think so. I have always cherished marriage before getting married. I have always... Continue Reading →


Every relationship is unprecedented, unique and dynamic with respect to those involved in it. What is working great for them may work poorly for you and what works great for you may work poorly for them. So, a popular celebrity announced that his wife left her medical career just to help him build his dreams.... Continue Reading →

IS EXCHANGE OF MARITAL VOWS IMPORTANT? I have always maintained that marriage begins the day both parents handed their children over to themselves with their consent which is often accompanied by the ceremony we call "Traditional Wedding". However, traditional commemorations don't allow us to exchange vows in what is reckoned to be a covenant. This may not be a big... Continue Reading →


I meekly apologize to anyone I should have notified about this marriage earlier and in a way that is honourable. I found myself apologizing to a lot of people and there are hundreds of more people to apologize to which I may not be able to continue doing because I'll be wearied hence my reason... Continue Reading →


This is just a random thought! Cohabiting with someone you are romantically attached to makes separation very difficult, it also increases the chances of getting stuck in a terrible relationship simply because “we’ve been through a lot together…” And the more this relationship becomes sexual which is much likely, the harder it is for any... Continue Reading →

The Scalable Marriage As a website developer and designer, one of the things we put in mind when designing websites is scalability. A website should be scalable to be able to accommodate new updates, new features and so on. While there are rooms for static websites, for some brands, we also put dynamics in mind. As the... Continue Reading →

Divorce, forgiveness & RECONCILIATION | Unmasking BIBLICAl Truths

In the past, I have written a couple of articles on divorce. The major ones that clearly explains my present convictions are: Divorced before marriageWhat does God hate about divorce?Can an abused spouse divorce and remarry? I also used to offer the much more traditional interpretation of Malachi 2:16 where the English Bible indicates that... Continue Reading →

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