Submission Isn’t Primarily A Gender Role

More on submission in marriage… There is a danger in trying to interpret everything we read in the Bible that was written more than 6000 and 2000 years ago using a modern understanding of words. It’s more dangerous when we isolate texts in the Bible from the rest of the other following or preceding texts.... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, missing your ex is not an indication that you aren't in a perfect relationship. It also doesn't mean something is wrong with you. Your relationship with your ex was special and even though you have moved on, the love relationship has its marks on your soul. This is especially true for relationships where you... Continue Reading →

Benefits & Purpose Of Marriage

Is sex the purpose of marriage? One of the questions people ask themselves is "what do I lose if I stay unmarried? If sex is all that there is to marriage and I can have sex outside marriage, what is there in marriage for me?" While some religious people may have gotten their curiosities on... Continue Reading →


Today, you'd get a lot of people cancelling you for saying things like "avoid sex before marriage". Others try to convince you that it helps in making an informed decision about marriage. I think we shouldn't be excusing premarital sex with excuses like "I want to test to be sure of what I'm entering to"...... Continue Reading →


The other day, I asked if it was right to have unrestrained access to your partner's phones, and the majority of people responded in the affirmative. From the time I started dating my wife to this day that we are married, I have never gone through my wife's conversations with others and if I must... Continue Reading →


It's one month since I got married. I've got some things to share but I will leave it till the time is right and matured. Marriage is beautiful. You may say it is too early to come to that summation. I don't think so. I have always cherished marriage before getting married. I have always... Continue Reading →


Every relationship is unprecedented, unique and dynamic with respect to those involved in it. What is working great for them may work poorly for you and what works great for you may work poorly for them. So, a popular celebrity announced that his wife left her medical career just to help him build his dreams.... Continue Reading →

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