God wired the man and the woman differently and like I previously taught in my article, men and women can be thinking and acting differently at same occasion and circumstances. God didn't wire us differently to bring confusion, he wired us that way so that we can truly complement each other. We have done a... Continue Reading →

ALLURING MEN | Staying attractive to your woman!

: I will try to make this very brief! So don't be afraid, it is not going to be long! Whether you are in a relationship, you can keep being attractive for your woman! You don't just stay attractive till you get what you want, you keep staying attractive because it spices up your relationship!... Continue Reading →

MAN AND WOMAN | The complete expression of humanity!

: I am often regarded as a feminist and I don't go with tags, yet I don't say I am a feminist or not. I found my understanding of the women in the revelations of God's word and since then haven't changed my stand on who the women are. I keep telling people, if I... Continue Reading →


: God gives a man vision but that vision is meant to be carried and run by others. God doesn't give a man vision for his own sake, He gives men vision for the sake of others and the kingdom. There is no individualism in any God-given vision, every kingdom vision carries the concept of... Continue Reading →


Dear Men,  : You're special and you must understand it about yourself. Men who are ignorant of who they are go about looking for one girl to have fun with after another, they feel that is what proves their smartness. It is not true. : I stumbled into a post that read "if virginity is... Continue Reading →


DEAR GUYS, I want to make it as short as possible and yet, very precise. These little girls you see today will become the mothers tomorrow. Whatever you sow in them is what you shall reap! If you sowed in a negative seed, you will reap a negative mother and the same goes for positivity.... Continue Reading →

11 Kinds of men you might need to think twice before you marry Growing up as a young girl brings about dreams of how perfect your wedding will be. But the more you grow, you realize that no man is perfect and so you begin to find the one you can endure his attitude. There... Continue Reading →

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