“Is he trying to get under my pants?” | My Church Story

 ...my first in-depth experience within a Church system. I have been waiting to share this story for years. I may not include all the details because that would mean writing a book. But, I will share what I feel my readers would need the most. Some years back, I served as the chapter President of... Continue Reading →


Part of our duty as ministers of the New Covenant is to rebuke and show those who teach false doctrine that they are wrong. This way, we are preventing them from deceiving people further. The motive of false teachers is one thing… To take advantage of the ignorance of believers to satisfy their belly. Apostle... Continue Reading →


This article was previously published on my Facebook on April 22, 2019 I know I have no audacity to address you. I know there may not be any such apostolic and prophetic mantle on me that gives me such audacity to write to you but please I write this in humility. I also plead your... Continue Reading →

5 Marks of a Pastor

A Pastor is a shepherd, all characteristics of the Good Shepherd ought to be found in a Pastor. The word “pastor” is the same as a shepherd. I got to know this early enough when we studied Pastoral farming in elementary school. This is why throughout the Bible, we see Jesus referring to us as... Continue Reading →


I wouldn't claim to have been a good follower of Ravi Zacharias' ministry. I've only come across some of his apologetics on Youtube and I dare not deny that they blessed me. Ravi Zacharias has been in the apologetic ministry for more than 40 years, making him one of the icons of doctrinal defence the... Continue Reading →


Some men are consistent with the word. They stay on the word even when the going gets tough. These are men like Paul who said "Please open your hearts to us. We have not done wrong to anyone, nor led anyone astray, nor taken advantage of anyone." 2 Corinthians 7:2 NLT Paul could boast this... Continue Reading →

10 things every minister must keep in mind

When Timothy was facing so many challenges, antagonism, persecutions and trials, it seemed so obvious that there was every reason to quit ministry. In the world of today, many people have quit ministry because of challenges, some have gone very cold because of oppositions. Some have prayed and it seemed like nothing was working, some... Continue Reading →

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