BRAND NEW MAN | God’s Greatest Miracle

We are very familiar with the term "new creature" but many of us are yet to grasp what that term means. We are also familiar with the verse "old things are passed away and all things have become new" but we often make light of these statements. Let's read from the New Living Translation "This... Continue Reading →

DARKEXIT | Mystery of the sons of God!

I was inspired to write on this by Favourwealth Onumba, I read her Facebook status which says "When God sees us today, He sees Jesus. That's reassuring. " And it seemed like I got a push to write on it, it came like a floodlight and I couldn't resist it or do anything else but... Continue Reading →


God did not say He was going to repair our heart or even wash it! He promised us a new heart and a completely new spirit!

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