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The problem sometimes is that we mix up the entire Bible and misconstrue the words written in it. The Bible should be read in context and explained in context. One day, my brother asked me "do Christians pay tithe?" And I replied, "you mean giving your ten per cent10%?" And he replied "yes!" I paused,... Continue Reading →


: Sometime ago when I was much younger, a Pastor visited our local Church and held three days program. I was very zealous, wanting to be in Church not for the sake of being religious but because I was very hungry and in search of knowledge. I would always go with my writing materials and... Continue Reading →


The issue of tithing isn't about giving more or giving less, it is about giving right. Just like prayers, we don't say any kind of thing in the name of prayers. It's not about praying more or less, it's about praying right. One of the reasons I don't normally use the term "tithe" is because... Continue Reading →


One day, my brother asked me "do Christians pay tithe?" And I replied "you mean giving your ten percent?" And he replied "yes!" I paused, I didn't want to sound critical but I still wanted to say the truth! Then I responded  Tithe as a word isn't a Christian stuff! In Christianity, tithing have come... Continue Reading →

THE TRUTH ABOUT OFFERINGS: find uncommon sound biblical answers to your question!

Just recently, a young South African entrepreneur who has been following George's Diary asked me through one of my various channels in the social media to pray for him. He told me he doesn't know how all the money he makes goes, he told me he is the only son of his family and he... Continue Reading →

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