Some Convictions Are Stronger Than Others

Some of my opinions are not subject to change, some are. My understanding of life is not based on what popular people clamour for. I don't stand for something because a popular person stands for it and I don't fancy popular opinions when it isn't my truth. This is not to say that I can't... Continue Reading →

Some “Grace Preachers” Are Dogs

Some years back, a lot of "Christocentric" folks were speaking against tithing, sowing of seeds, lack of desire to know the word for oneself and so on. Guess what? Their congregations grew larger and they went mute on those subjects, started introducing those things back using semantics to play on people's head. First, they robbed... Continue Reading →

“The First Temptation of Jesus”, Netflix And The Protest

Sometimes, the more we try to sound woke and well informed, the more we sound dizzy and ignorant. This is the case of lots of people as they dish out opinions on the ongoing heat against Netflix and the content they are streaming titled "The First Temptation of Jesus" where Jesus was depicted as gay... Continue Reading →


Have you tried advising married audience and they suddenly acted defensive citing that you've got no right to talk to them since you aren't married and without experience? As a young fellow who has been particularly interested in the subject of relationships and marriage, I have written on topics associated with it and I've always... Continue Reading →

When I Say “I Am A Feminist”

Not everyone has that boldness to come out straight in a society where "feminism" as a word is frowned upon to say "I am a feminist". Not everyone wants to be identified with that label because of what people have made out of it. Many people don't frown at the major ideologies of feminism, they... Continue Reading →


Some years ago, I was invited to a youth program as a resource person. I was running late to the event because I had to come from another event I had attended! I boarded a public bus, fought through the traffic and finally stopped at a junction where I had two options; to either get... Continue Reading →


Our purpose for anything we want to do determines the result. Two persons may set out for the same mission with different motives and their results will never be the same because intentions are the drive of every action. Very good action with an evil intention still ends up being very evil. Do you think... Continue Reading →

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