Growing up, writing and my mother

Throughout my Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, I wasn't that super-intelligent boy who passes exams but one thing was certain, I was among the best in all my classes when it comes to comprehension, public reading and stuff. Do you know why? My mother who wasn't even a secondary school graduate trained us by herself... Continue Reading →

Population Control may not be a bad idea

Many people believe that Christians shouldn't talk about population control. After all, the Bible tells us that in the beginning, after God had created man, he blessed them and said: "Go and multiply". The same Bible tells us that God said " subdue the Earth", which means "take control of the Earth." We have multiplied... Continue Reading →


In the part of the world where I come from, there is this thing we know as "house helps". Usually, women are regarded as home keepers and when the burden of taking care of the home becomes overwhelming, they often get help. Sometimes, they don't opt for services that will require them to enter contracts,... Continue Reading →


There is probably something I have grown up to know and do that weren't the values my parents inculcated in me. So, what is the relevance of parents training their children when these children would still be influenced by various other factors to a very great degree? Various things would influence your children like environment,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Raped At Seventeen

THE WORLD IS FULL OF EVIL "I cried reading this story" - Shittu Adetola RAPE is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person! Many people tried to DENY they were raped by keeping it a SECRET but repressing an attack simply DELAYS the healing process. This young man... Continue Reading →


Whether you have kids or not, or perhaps you don't plan to have kids, you still need to be aware that you may become a parent anytime! Sometimes it just happens, it may be your biological child, an adopted child or maybe another child left in your care! Whichever way it happens, the best gift... Continue Reading →

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