Mighty Men Are Mere Men

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Vndk05PTLAWDxYk8kvmvp?si=7B_gTojsROiyxIB-elZg_A&dl_branch=1 The earth has never been without stalwart and highly influential men. Some men didn't only influence and shake their communities, they shook the entire world and became famous even in places that they have never been to. We turn our TVs to watch these powerful men, we go to the book stores to get... Continue Reading →

Do Pastors Have Control Over Members?

One may be wondering "should my Pastor have control over me?" "If yes, isn't that some sort of bondage?" Let's delve into a very brief discussion on that. We need to understand what the work of a Pastor is, afterwards, we'd be looking at the meaning of control, we will also go a bit further... Continue Reading →


It is always easy to see the fault of Pastors but never see their sacrifices, it is easy to pinpoint where Pastors aren't getting it right because we aren't doing anything and we don't know what it feels like to do what they are doing. This is not me trying to excuse certain excesses of... Continue Reading →


A certain young man cried out recently. He had issues with his wife and she ran to her Pastor to seek counsel, he asked her to leave her husband. Her husband wasn't abusive, he wasn't battering her, it was the usual misunderstanding arising from two people which no matter how heavy it appears, is normal.... Continue Reading →


In our previous discussion where we considered if we can take actions against a sinning elder, we saw that it isn't out of place. What are the right actions to take? How do we take actions? Does the Bible offer us a guideline on how to take actions against a sinning elder? Let's look at... Continue Reading →


Don't be shocked when a Pastor, Deacon or Bishop is caught in sin. It is not new, it has been happening a long time ago. Sometimes, they are wrongly accused, sometimes their past catches up with them, sometimes it was just a mistake and sometimes they are habitually and willingly engaging in it. First, they... Continue Reading →

ABOUT PASTORS | Do we need them?

I needed to do a little teaching on this because of the recent occurrences that put a kind of distrust between Christians and Church leaders. For example, there are issues of a Pastor allegedly abusing a member or a Pastor allegedly defrauding the members and getting richer while the members are getting poorer and then... Continue Reading →

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