Solving the puzzle of HELL | Does hell exist?

I began a conversation on my Facebook profile as we began to look at the concept of hell and how it relates to some of the things we have or been taught many years ago. We started seeing that some of the concepts of hell were borrowed not from the Bible but extra-religious sources. Before... Continue Reading →

SALVATION | Have been Saved, Being Saved, Will be saved?

Paul discussed salvation in three sentences. Some people argue we have not been saved yet, some people argue that we are being saved and therefore we must work for that salvation. Some people teach that we have been saved. Paul talked about all of this and the confusion is often results of a poor understanding... Continue Reading →

What if Jesus comes now? Will you make it or perish eternally?

Have someone ever asked you the question "what if Jesus comes now?" For some people, it sends chills down their spine, for some, it's a moment of sober reflection, a time to rethink about their lives and begin to make amends where they deem it fit and for others, it's a time of rejoicing! There... Continue Reading →

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