Now, before you read this, don't think I am an advocate of "divorce". I believe in fighting to save our marriages, I believe that divorce shouldn't be the first thing that comes to our mind when we have issues in our marriages. However, there is an extent to which I can encourage people to stay... Continue Reading →


So many times, people find it hard to let go of a toxic relationship because of the supposed good times they spent together! What is good about the time you spent with a toxic person? What is good about the times you spent with someone who wants to be in charge of your life but... Continue Reading →

TRUST ISSUES IN RELATIONSHIPS | A Way Out? The Video: Trust Issues In Relationships | A way out? How do you deal with a relationship where you are striving to earn trust but to no avail? How do you handle a relationship where every of your move is under scrutiny? How do you handle it when your partner trolls on you everywhere,... Continue Reading →


You see, many times I've come across people who complain of being madly in love with someone, do some crazy sacrifices but never get same love or even half of it in return. Truth is, most people whom we are remarkably in love with aren't meritorious of this crazy love, they may be deserving of... Continue Reading →


Okay… It's different here though. It's a stale, boring trend but I couldn't just deal with what was hitting my head. If you can't identify with the shame behind a glory, that glory will never ever identify with you! It is one thing to say you are friend with the American President and it is... Continue Reading →


: Okay, let me say this very important thing concerning loyalty in relationships. : When you are in a very serious relationship with someone, you ought to express faithfulness and stay loyal to that special person. Unfaithfulness isn't just about extramarital sex, there can also be unfaithfulness resulting from being emotionally attached to someone else.... Continue Reading →


Dear Pastor,  : If you will be too busy to care for your wife & kids, don't marry in the first place. If you can't be that romantic man your woman prayed for, please... Become celibate and don't put a woman under a lifetime cage. Everyday is not "fasting & prayer", take your wife to... Continue Reading →

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