The Gospel, The Wholesome Deliverance

We must get this very clear. God's intention with the gospel is to reveal to you that you need help, set your heart right to receive his help and save you as much as you are willing to get saved. You must know this as a believer who intends to introduce others to Christ and... Continue Reading →


1. Is repentance a prerequisite for saving faith?  It depends on your understanding of repentance. The Bible repentance is not "turning from sin". If you can turn from sin, why then did Jesus came? The Biblical repentance means "to change one's mind". It is this change of mind that results to a change of actions!... Continue Reading →


What grants one salvation is faith in Jesus! You cannot come to Jesus without repenting of your sins but you don't think that repenting of your sins have automatically grant you salvation. I wonder anyway, who will repent of his or her sins in pursuit of salvation and not come to Jesus? In essence, you... Continue Reading →

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