Sometimes, missing your ex is not an indication that you aren't in a perfect relationship. It also doesn't mean something is wrong with you. Your relationship with your ex was special and even though you have moved on, the love relationship has its marks on your soul. This is especially true for relationships where you... Continue Reading →

Short Story | Sex On A Sunday

Beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was grinning at its best with usual junctures of cloud movements that momentarily passed under the sun helping to keep a balance. Adaku had just returned from Church, humming to the choruses of the choir renditions while removing her earrings. She sauntered to her mirror-stand to keep her jewellery but... Continue Reading →

Sweetheart, I Can’t Do Without You

"Sweetheart, I can't live without you" I wrote this as a text message, I sang it into her ears and anytime she threatened to leave, I felt like I was going to kill myself. I said stuff like "my life is incomplete without you", "life makes no sense without you"... I said these things to... Continue Reading →


God wired the man and the woman differently and like I previously taught in my article, men and women can be thinking and acting differently at same occasion and circumstances. God didn't wire us differently to bring confusion, he wired us that way so that we can truly complement each other. We have done a... Continue Reading →


The feeling of insecurity in a relationship is like cancer! It breeds unhealthy jealousy and slowly destroys a once fantastic relationship! People who usually feel insecure tend to suspect every move people make around their partners! They tend to suspect every call their partners did not pick and because of unhealthy jealousy that boils on... Continue Reading →

SEXIFIED MARRIAGE | Sex for pleasure

Sex is beautiful; it is a holy experience between married couples, a divinely designed way to build intimacy, no intimacy is more profound than that built on the fabrics of sex. Well, false religion has a way of downplaying very important things in life. Some Christians have been made to think that the only reason... Continue Reading →


Love isn't just what we say, it is what we do. Unfortunately, many people say "I love you" but end up showing something different. We have always heard that one action speaks louder than a thousand words. There are other ways you could say "I love you" more profoundly. Everyone needs that reassurance of love,... Continue Reading →

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