God may ask you to do something knowing that you will be afraid to do it. He may not be expecting you to quickly lose that fear, he expects you to be courageous. Sometimes, courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, it means going ahead to do something despite your fears, it may also mean... Continue Reading →

FOREVER-SALVATION ASSURED It is logical enough to think that a believer can at some point lose their salvation. After all, we've all gotten to a point where we lost what we cherished most. We've lost people, money, properties, jobs and so on. Seldom, we even lose them as a consequence of our negligence. So, it is... Continue Reading →

Does the writer of Hebrews 6:4-6 suggest that a believer will loose his salvation?

A quick look and less careful reading of Hebrews 6:4-6 gives us a view that believers can possibly come to that point where they fall away and lose their salvation. But is that true? Is the writer of Hebrew lying or is the entire parts of the Bible that sheds light on the eternal security... Continue Reading →

SALVATION | Have been Saved, Being Saved, Will be saved?

Paul discussed salvation in three sentences. Some people argue we have not been saved yet, some people argue that we are being saved and therefore we must work for that salvation. Some people teach that we have been saved. Paul talked about all of this and the confusion is often results of a poor understanding... Continue Reading →

Will those who believed in Jesus at old age and died shortly after receive rewards in heaven?

Salvation is not a reward We are saved by grace alone in Christ Jesus and not by our efforts. The day we believed in Christ Jesus, we got saved once and for all and we will never be condemned ever again because we have been brought out of darkness into God's marvellous light! There will... Continue Reading →


Many outspoken atheists and agonists were once committed Christians. I have met some, some used to be my friend, some even used to talk about Jesus to the point you think they'd end up becoming Pastors or Evangelists. At a point, they got offended. They packed their bags, left the faith, burnt their Bibles and... Continue Reading →


Many years after Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and David was gone, after the Prophets had come and gone, there came a man who was called Jesus. Unlike every other existing human, he was perfect! It took the collaboration of the man and the woman to establish the presence of sin on Earth. The Bible says... Continue Reading →

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