This article is in response to the ongoing conversations around mob killing of a Christian girl in Northern Nigeria but Muslim extremists who unfortunately, make up the bulk of the population of Northern Nigeria. Just like every other tool including the Bible, the Quran assumes the state of the heart and motives of anyone studying... Continue Reading →

Kill and Fight for Jesus. Huh?

Have you seen people get so angry and nearly violent because their religion, faith, icon, Pastor, parents, siblings, denomination, ethnic group and so on was insulted? I have seen a lot of them and I used to be like that. My first fight in the public as a kid was when a Roman Catholic classmate... Continue Reading →

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Herdsmen and The Hard Truth

Dearly beloved brethren, Following the recent killing of some southerners by the Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu State, Nigeria, many Christians have been filled with anger, many people have voiced out in support of reprisal attacks and many people have threatened to take law into their hands if this should happen again. It has already happened... Continue Reading →

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME: Using Nigeria and Africans as case study

Let all our deeds be powered by compassion! Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead and did other miracles because he had compassion on the victims! It was not because He wanted to showcase his abilities or follow the trend!

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