Walking my stand | … On Women and my interest in them

I intrinsically hate to see anyone oppressed, loathed or frequently subjected to all forms of hatred. One of the ways to get me like someone is when everyone else seems to hate him or her. Growing up, I saw parents tell their daughters "sit well, sit like a woman!", "behave yourself, don't you know that... Continue Reading →

Before You Raise a Hand Against Feminism

When people offer their opinions against feminism, I do not listen from a position of defence, I rather listen to learn from their opinions as I expect they also listen to learn from my opinion. In most cases, I have noticed that our problem is usually semantics and a mix up of separate issues. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

You are not the reason that I am a feminist

"I stand for gender equality because that is the truth I see…"- George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie Someone sent me a screenshot of a post about male feminists who are only feminists when it comes to women's pocket or pants. Her post seemed a bit generalized, she didn't intend it to be so, perhaps, that's the colouration... Continue Reading →

Sexual Capital is Nonsense

Sexual Capital is Nonsense. Too much talk about sexual capital and how a woman can monetize it. Yeah, same women fighting for equality are the same people giving men the control. When I see learned women promoting the idea of sexual capital, it's a rollback on the efforts of women in promoting the idea of... Continue Reading →

Women, the institute of sacrifice

Stephen (Dr Miki) made a Facebook post some time ago about compromise in relationships and marriage as an ingredient to making it work. It inspired these thoughts of mine about women as the ones who have gained more mastery in the art of compromise and sacrifices for the sake of relationship or marriage especially. My... Continue Reading →

GENDER INEQUALITY | Discussing Further

I was having a conversation, or debate rather, with someone when he said that the Bible clearly supports what we know today as patriarchy. We had to go to various places in the Bible and he was short of words because everything he had thought the Bible says were things he read into the Bible.... Continue Reading →


God wired the man and the woman differently and like I previously taught in my article, men and women can be thinking and acting differently at same occasion and circumstances. God didn't wire us differently to bring confusion, he wired us that way so that we can truly complement each other. We have done a... Continue Reading →

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