Building the Bridge: The family issue

Listen to Audio Version "UNDERSTANDING THE YOUTH and Building Parent-Youth Relationships" This presentation is based on the Family program broadcast on Alpha Radio 106.5 fm nnobi, Anambra State, Nigeria. This program is hosted by Queen-Esther. Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood... Continue Reading →


Young people are the leaders of tomorrow! For us to have a great tomorrow, we must have a great young people today! If we fail to carry the youths along, we will fail to carry the future! If we neglect the young people, we have neglect the future! We must do away with the "Young at heart" mentality and really look at "Young in the real sense". If we are concerned about growing the church, we must be concerned about giving the young people a place because they are growth of the Church. Old men don't grow, old fades away! If you want the Church to grow allow them to take over! Old people are just their for guidance and not for absolute " take over ". When elderly people begin to propound theories and rules for the youths, it does not work. Old people often see youths as stupid people but it is not so! Young people have ideas that can transform the nations, they have ideas that can transform the church! The old men ought to allow the youths make decisions! There are already many things the youths are passing through, old people shouldn't add more problem to that!


George will be ministering on 6th of September, 2015 at the Oba born again youth forum. It is going to be explosive because God will be speaking in different dimensions. Venue: Merchant of Light School, Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria Time: 4pm God is still saying something.... 😄😅😆

Forget not the Lord thy God in the days of thy youth.

CRUSADERS YOUTH CONFERENCE 2015 (powered by YAC on the Niger)

Have you ever heard of Crusaders Conference? It is a non denominational camping event organised by Young Anglican Crusaders. Crusaders Conference is a youth Conference designed to bring out the best in you! It is a camping event that features so many programs. God's word comes with power and worship brings much more intimacy. Registration... Continue Reading →

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