Helped! Of the Lord

Helped! Of the Lord is a timely study material that tells us the mind of God concerning times of trouble and our lives in general. Whether you are troubled, seeking answers or help from God, wondering why there seems to be silent when you talk to God, or seeking to learn how to encourage others and lead them into the experience of God’s tangible presence and power, then this book is for you.

This book answers questions like: Is God interested in my situations? Can I rely on God for help? How do I engage God’s help in tough times? Can I trust God for a miracle? And so much more. George started by introducing Jesus as the help God has given to us and continued by showing us ways that we can engage God’s help in trying times. The book ends with a discussion on the person of the Holy Spirit as the complete and wholesome help from God to the believer.


A process of healing that started many years ago but a process that is perfecting as you read. I am glad to be relieving my heart of its heaviness, I am glad to be reaffirming that I have moved on from the past and forgiven myself and others but I am also bothered that one way or another we are shutting people up from opening up and we are treating people who open up by wanting to teach them how to tell their stories rather than allow them to say it the way they want.

This is the story of abuse and rape, written in advocacy of the fight against rape and Child abuse. This is also an appeal to everyone, to listen more, care more and build an enabling environment that allows people to open up without fear.

Unmasking Depression


Depression is such a complicated illness that shouldn’t be judged by another person’s experience. This book “Unmasking Depression” presents depression and suicide from a clearer perspective for both those suffering it, those who don’t understand what it is and those who are looking for ways to help others who are going through the terrible mental disorder.

Unmasking Depression is a book that changes the entire narrative of depression and suicide. It provides a clearer explanation of depression and why people commit suicide. In this book, you would not just get a perfect guide out of depression, you can help others who are depressed and contemplating suicide.

The Love Story


Mark was everything Cynthia needed in a man. It is often said that no one is perfect but not about Mark! Cynthia had seen Mark this way until a faithful day when she denied him just like Peter denied Jesus… She finally fell into the hands of Erebus, the antagonist and bad guy of the story! Life became different or was that life at all?

You cannot afford to pass this thrilling story! A story of true love and betrayal. You will not only be inspired by this short but INSPIRING story!

Dedicated to Women


We always believe that women were created after the man, from the man and for the man. I believe that these lines of thoughts are all shades of wrong especially when it is preached from the pulpit. That is not what the Bible teaches, not even close! If you like, call it “Biblical feminism”; this book looks at equality from the standpoint of God’s word—The Bible.

The book wasn’t written for the women alone, it is a book that will inspire the women and the men who love them… It will change your entire perception on who the women are because it boasts of rich Bible backups on God’s view of the women!

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